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Pathfinder Reference Document

Variant Monster Index

Not all of the monsters presented have their own stat blocks. Many of them are merely variants on a theme, be they aquatic ghouls like lacedons, more powerful versions of efreeti known as maliks, advanced sharks like the great white, or alternate versions like the fast zombie and the plague zombie. Monster variants use the standard monster's stats but with specific changes, as outlined in the text. The following list indexes all of the monster variants in this book that are associated with rules changes (creatures that are only mentioned in passing, such as the mature form of a nabasu demon or the possibility of other types of kytons or rakshasas, are not indexed here).

Bestiary Variant Monsters

adamantine cobra
aquatic worm
balor lord
black bear
black scorpion
bloody skeleton
bombardier beetle
brute wight
burning skeleton
cairn wight
cave scorpion
chimera manticore
coconut crab
crimson worm
crystal ooze
darkwood cobra
deadfall scorpion
deadly mantis
dire lion manticore
djinni vizier
dread wraith
efreeti malik
elder xorn
fast zombie
flash beetle
frost wight
ghost scorpion
giant ant drone
giant ant queen
giant black widow
giant crab spider
giant emperor scorpion
giant tarantula
giant whiptail centipede
giant worker ant
goliath beetle
goliath spider
great forest centipede
great reef crab
great white shark
greensting scorpion
hammerhead shark
heavy horse
high girallon
hissing centipede
house centipede
id ooze
infernal duke
janni sheikh
king cobra
king crab
lamia manticore
marid shahzada
mining beetle
mithral cobra
ogre spider
plague zombie
polar bear
rock crab
russet mold (hazard)
sahuagin malenti
sahuagin mutant
scarlet spider
sewer centipede
shaitan pasha
shark-eating crab
shield guardian
shipwrecker crab
sphinx manticore
tiger shark
titan centipede
vampire spawn
woolly mammoth
yellow musk zombie

Bestiary 2 Variant Monsters

blink dog sage
brineborn marsh giant
ceustodaemon, all variants
cockroach, all variants
draconal agathion, all variants
draugr captian
giant bumblebee
giant grindylow
greater dullahan
greater tentamort
gug savant
hippocampus, all variants
jellyfish, all variants
jungle grick
lesser jabberwock
magma ooze, all variants
mosquito, all variants
olethrodaemon paragon
serpentfolk, all variants
sinspawn, all variants
solifugid, all variants
void zombie
winged chupacabra

Bestiary 3 Variant Monsters

awakened demilich
bandersnatch, all variants
bog nixie
dread corby
emperor kirin
eremite overlord
kamadan, all variants
small unfettered eidolon
terra-cotta archer
terra-cotta horseman
terror bird

Bestiary 4 Variant Monsters

Abyssal boilborn
Blindborn boilborn
Clockwork charger
Death worg
Dread gholdako
Enhanced skinstitch
Infernal boilborn
Nightmare lord
Plagueborn boilborn
Resilient skinstitch
Shadow lord

Bestiary 5 Variant Monsters

Archwizard's shackle
Awakened doppeldrek
Blood lily
Danava pillar
Eclipse seer
Egregore master
Elder anemoi
Elder pyrausta
Empyrean paragon
Hobkins malefactor
Nuno ascetic
Sacred sha
Venerable mother
Water mauler
Wysp conductor