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Pathfinder Reference Document

Treasure Generator

The following system gives GMs a way to generate random treasure to reward players after completing an encounter or otherwise recovering valuables. The following system gives guidance to the gm to determine the type of treasure given based on the nature of the monsters or encounter.

Some rolls might generate treasure worth more than the expected average, others will likely generate less. The GM should decide whether or not to allow such variance, and adjust his rolls accordingly if he desires more even treasure distribution (rerolling as necessary to get closer to the expected value).

When using these rules to generate random treasure, you need to know the general type of encounter and level of treasure to be assigned (usually related to the total challenge faced). The Challenge Rating of the encounter determines the overall approximate value of the treasure to be gained. The makeup of adversaries in the encounter generally dictates the types of treasure that can be gained by overcoming its challenges.

Use the two following steps to figure out how much treasure to award characters and determine which treasure types are used in generating the specific items to appear in that treasure.

Step 1: Determine Treasure Budget

The first step is to determine the amount of treasure you can budget for an encounter. Start by determining the overall Challenge Rating of the encounter and the advancement rate of the group. Refer to the Treasure Values per Encounter table to determine the base value of the treasure for an encounter in terms of gold pieces. You might wish to award greater treasures than what the value indicates. In such a case, hold back on awarding treasure for a number of encounters, in effect "banking" the value for one larger reward. Alternatively, you might decide to simply have a game with a higher amount of treasure in general, increasing all the base values by 50% or more.

After determining the base value of an encounter depending on its CR, next check the treasure line in the individual stat blocks for all creatures involved. In the case of mixed groups of enemies, use the most generous treasure entry. The treasure entry for the creatures involved affects the overall reward of the encounter as follows.

None: The creature does not typically possess treasure and an encounter solely against creatures with this treasure type should not award any treasure. You can still award treasure for this encounter if uncommon circumstances warrant it. The value that would have been awarded for this encounter can be saved to increase the value of a treasure from a later encounter.

Incidental: Creatures with this treasure type have little if any treasure. Reduce the base treasure value by half (50%).

Standard: The creature has the normal amount of treasure. Do not adjust the base treasure value.

Double: The creature has more than average treasure. Double the base treasure value.

Triple: The creature has a large amount of treasure. Triple the base treasure value.

NPC Gear: Creatures with this treasure type have a different treasure value. Discard the base treasure value and look up the value for each individual creature on the NPC Gear table. Each creature's treasure should be determined individually. If a creature with this treasure type is part of a mixed group, deduct this value from the base treasure value for the rest of the creatures in the group.

This value is treated like a budget, to be spent on the relevant treasure tables (as determined in Step 2), purchasing groupings that establish a number of rolls you must make to determine the exact treasure gained.

Step 2: Determine Treasure Type

To determine the type of treasures gained from an encounter, examine the types of creatures in the encounter and the general setting of the encounter. The types of treasure garnered from encounters can vary wildly depending on the types of creatures encountered. For example, the treasure found in the lair of a troll (remnants of its previous meals, no doubt) is sure to be different than the treasure found in the burial crypt of an ancient mummy. While the troll's treasure might contain coins and small objects such as potions or rings, the mummy's crypt might hold gems, art objects, and ancient magic items. Even if these types of treasures are worth approximately the same value, their exact composition is different.

The following section looks at each creature type individually and describes what treasures a particular type usually has. Each creature type lists a number of different treasure types, denoted by letters, which are described in detail in Step 3. Not every creature of each type will follow these guidelines, so weigh each carefully before deciding what treasure type best fits the creature. Note that a creature typically has treasure of only one type, but in some circumstances it might fit the encounter to have treasures of multiple different types as part of the reward.

Aberration: Many aberrations have little use for treasure, possessing only what hangs from the remains of their previous victims. Others are cunning adversaries that use various magic items and treasure to enhance their abilities.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E (add F, G, H if the creature is cunning).

Animal: Animals place little to no value on treasure, instead leaving such coins and objects with the remains of their meals. For those with treasure, it is typically found in their lairs, scattered amid bones and other refuse.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E.

Construct: The only treasure carried by constructs is usually part of their construction, such as a weapon or magic item. Constructs are, however, typically used to guard more valuable treasures or magic items.

Treasure Types: E, F (add B, C, H if the creature is guarding a treasure).

Dragon: Known for their valuable treasures, dragons often brood over vast piles of coins, gems, magic items, and other expensive objects.

Treasure Types: A, B, C, H, I.

Fey: Above all other things, fey value items of magic and beauty. They have little use for tools of trade and commerce used by the more civilized races, such as coins and valuables.

Treasure Types: B, C, D, G.

Humanoid: Creatures of this type are quite varied, but even the most primitive humanoids use gear and magic items to some extent. In bigger groups such as communities, humanoids often posses larger amounts of treasure that they collectively guard.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E, F, G (add H for an entire community).

Magical Beast: Caring little for valuables, most magical beasts are only in search of their next meal. The lairs of these creatures are often strewn with a few valuable trinkets and magic items.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E.

Monstrous Humanoid: Most monstrous humanoids care only about treasures that they can use, although some have been known to hoard valuables in their lairs.

Treasure Types: A, B, c, D, E, H.

Ooze: Oozes have no concept of treasure and leave any they find behind as they search for their next meal. Any treasure they might carry is entirely accidental.

Treasure Types: A, B, D.

Outsider: Outsiders are one of the most varied creature types and as a result might truly have any type of treasure on them or hidden in their lair. The GM should consider the creature individually to determine the treasure type that best fits the outsider.

Treasure Types: any.

Plant: Like animals, plant creatures do not care for treasure, and any that might be found where they grow is simply the indigestible remnants of a previous victim.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E.

Undead: The treasure carried by undead varies depending on whether or not the creature is intelligent. Unintelligent undead typically only possess meager valuables carried on themselves in life, rarely actually using such treasures, while intelligent undead take advantage of a wide variety of magic items in order to destroy the living.

Treasure Types: A, B, D, E (add F, G for intelligent undead).

Vermin: Like other mindless creatures, vermin do not covet treasure, although such creatures are sometimes found infesting areas where valuables are kept.

Treasure Types: A, B, D.

Step 3: Generate Treasure

Once the total approximate value has been determined and the treasure types selected, all that remains is to select the actual treasures. Each treasure type has a wide variety of rewards, each with its own approximate gold piece value. Select a number of rewards whose total gold piece value is equal to the total value of the treasure to be awarded for defeating the encounter. For example, in an encounter against a group of trolls, the GM determines that he wants to give out items from treasure types B and E with a total value of 5,000 gp. He selects two rewards from those presented in type B with a value of 1,000 gp each and one from type E with a value of 3,000 gp. Alternatively, he could have selected one reward from type E worth 5,000 gp, or five rewards from type B worth 1,000 gp each, or any other combination that adds up to a total of 5,000 gp.

Each reward lists one or more random rolls you need to make to determine the actual treasure. For example, an entry might specify that the reward contains 5d10 × 10 gold pieces, 2 random potions from the minor potion table, and 1 item from the minor wondrous item table. The actual, final value might vary from the amount listed for the reward, but over time these random rolls should average out, giving the PCs the right amount of treasure needed to face challenges of their level.

Many of the rewards require you to generate a random magic item from one of the other tables located throughout this book. In most cases, the reward specifies which table you should roll on and where that table can be found.

Selecting Rewards

The GM should take care in deciding what rewards to give the PCs. In most cases, the GM should settle for the largest reward her budget allows, filling any excess budget with lesser rewards and coins (usually type A treasure). This gives the PCs a chance to get some of the more powerful magic items that are appropriate for their level. Selecting a larger number of smaller rewards grants a larger number of items, but they will be of comparatively lesser value in terms of usefulness.

Treasure Types

Treasure comes in many shapes and forms, from simple coins and lustrous gems to magic swords and powerful staves. Due the numerous different kinds of treasure, this system organizes them into types to make it easy to assign them to an encounter. The types share some of the various kinds of treasures (such as coins and potions), but each is aimed at a specific sort of encounter, as noted below in their descriptions.

Type A, Coins Coins table: Treasure of this type consists entirely of coins. Coins can be found in nearly any encounter.

Type B, Coins and Gems (Coins and Gems table): Similar to Type A treasure, this type also includes gemstones, some of which can be quite valuable. It is typically found in a small cache or as part of a larger treasure roll.

Type C, Art Objects (Art Objects table): Often overlooked, these items are valuable for their beauty and craftsmanship and are made with precious metals, gems, and other fine materials. Art objects are typically displayed in residences or placed in small vaults for safekeeping.

Type D, Coins and Small Objects (Coins and Small Objects table): This category consists of coins and small magic items, such as potions, rings, scrolls, and wands. Such treasure is typically found in the lairs of beasts or as a small hoard in a monster den.

Type E, Armor and Weapons (Armor and Weapons table): Consisting solely of weapons and armor, treasure of this type can be found in armories, stored in a den, or even in use by a monster.

Type F, Combatant Gear (Combatant Gear table): This treasure type is made up of items that would typically be carried by a monster that relies on melee or ranged combat. It includes armor, coins, potions, weapons, and wondrous items.

Type G, Spellcaster Gear (Spellcaster Gear table): This treasure type is carried by creatures with spellcasting abilities, and includes coins, potions, scrolls, staves, wands, and wondrous items.

Type H, Lair Treasure (Lair Treasure table): This treasure type can contain items of nearly any variety, but it focuses primarily on treasure of lesser individual value. It frequently includes a large number of magic items, coins, and other valuables.

Type I, Treasure Hoard (Treasure Hoard table): Truly the greatest of the treasure types, this can contain virtually any type of item. It usually serves as the reward for many challenging encounters, saved up and placed in one location.

Treasure Values per Encounter
Average Party LevelSlowMediumFast
1170 gp260 gp400 gp
2350 gp550 gp800 gp
3550 gp800 gp1,200 gp
4750 gp1,150 gp1,700 gp
51,000 gp1,550 gp2,300 gp
61,350 gp2,000 gp3,000 gp
71,750 gp2,600 gp3,900 gp
82,200 gp3,350 gp5,000 gp
92,850 gp4,250 gp6,400 gp
103,650 gp5,450 gp8,200 gp
114,650 gp7,000 gp10,500 gp
126,000 gp9,000 gp13,500 gp
137,750 gp11,600 gp17,500 gp
1410,000 gp15,000 gp22,000 gp
1513,000 gp19,500 gp29,000 gp
1616,500 gp25,000 gp38,000 gp
1722,000 gp32,000 gp48,000 gp
1828,000 gp41,000 gp62,000 gp
1935,000 gp53,000 gp79,000 gp
20+44,000 gp67,000 gp100,000 gp
NPC Gear
Basic Level1Heroic Level1Treasure Value
1260 gp
21390 gp
32780 gp
431,650 gp
542,400 gp
653,450 gp
764,650 gp
876,000 gp
987,800 gp
10910,050 gp
111012,750 gp
121116,350 gp
131221,000 gp
141327,000 gp
151434,800 gp
161545,000 gp
171658,500 gp
181775,000 gp
191896,000 gp
2019123,000 gp
20159,000 gp
1 Basic level NPCs typically have class levels only in NPC classes.
2 Heroic level NPCs have levels in standard character classes.

If your campaign uses the fast experience progression, treat the NPCs as one level higher when determining the treasure value. If your campaign is using the slow experience progression, treat the NPC as one level lower when determining treasure value.

Type A Treasure, Coins
1 gp5d10 cp, 3d4 sp
5 gp2d6 × 10 cp, 4d8 sp, 1d4 gp
10 gp5d10 × 10 cp, 5d10 sp, 1d8 gp
25 gp2d4 × 100 cp, 3d6 × 10 sp, 4d4 gp
50 gp4d4 × 100 cp, 4d6 × 10 sp, 8d6 gp
100 gp6d8 × 10 sp, 3d4 × 10 gp
200 gp2d4 × 100 sp, 4d4 × 10 gp, 2d4 pp
500 gp6d6 × 10 gp, 8d6 pp
1,000 gp2d4 × 100 gp, 10d10 pp
5,000 gp4d8 × 100 gp, 6d10 × 10 pp
10,000 gp2d4 × 1,000 gp, 12d8 × 10 pp
50,000 gp2d6 × 1,000 gp, 8d10 × 100 pp

Treasure of this type is made up entirely of coins. While it usually does not make a difference to their overall value, the GM may wish to consider the origin of the coins and what is minted on each side. Such details add depth to the world and might lead to further adventures.

Type B Treasure, Coins and Gems
10 gpGrade 1 gemstone
15 gp2d6 × 10 cp, 4d8 sp, 1d4 gp, grade 1 gemstone
25 gp5d10 sp, 1d4 gp, two grade 1 gemstones
50 gpGrade 2 gemstone
50 gp3d6 × 10 sp, 3d6 gp, three grade 1 gemstones
75 gp1d4 × 10 sp, 1d4 gp, two grade 1 gemstones, grade 2 gemstone
100 gpGrade 3 gemstone
100 gp3d8 × 10 sp, 4d8 gp, two grade 1 gemstones, grade 2 gemstone
150 gpGrade 2 gemstone, grade 3 gemstone
200 gp3d6 × 10 sp, 2d4x10 gp, four grade 1 gemstones, grade 3 gemstone
250 gp2d4 × 10 gp, two grade 2 gemstones, grade 3 gemstone
500 gpGrade 4 gemstone
500 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 2d4 pp, two grade 2 gemstones, three grade 3 gemstones
750 gp2d4 × 10 gp, two grade 2 gemstones, grade 3 gemstone, grade 4 gemstone
1,000 gpGrade 5 gemstone
1,000 gp3d6 × 10 gp, 4d4 pp, three grade 3 gemstones, grade 4 gemstone
2,500 gp2d4 × 100 gp, two grade 4 gemstones, grade 5 gemstone
5,000 gpGrade 6 gemstone
5,000 gp2d4 × 100 gp, 2d4x10 pp, two grade 4 gemstones, three grade 5 gemstones
10,000 gpFive grade 5 gemstones, grade 6 gemstone
20,000 gp4d8 × 100 gp, 6d10x10 pp, three grade 6 gemstones
50,000 gp4d4 × 10 pp, ten grade 3 gemstones, four grade 4 gemstones, six grade 5 gemstones, eight grade 6 gemstones

This treasure is made up solely of coins and gemstones, which can generally be traded for their full value. The gemstones make up the majority of the value for these rewards. Note that you can replace any gemstone with a piece of simple jewelry that is one grade lower, or a piece of complex jewelry that is two grades lower.

Type C Treasure, Art Objects
50 gpGrade 1 art object
100 gpGrade 2 art object
100 gpTwo grade 1 art objects
150 gpGrade 1 art object, grade 2 art object
200 gpTwo grade 2 art objects
250 gpThree grade 1 art objects, grade 2 art object
500 gpGrade 3 art object
500 gpFour grade 1 art objects, three grade 2 art objects
750 gpThree grade 1 art objects, two grade 2 art objects, grade 3 art object
1,000 gpGrade 4 art object
1,000 gpTwo grade 3 art objects
1,500 gpGrade 3 art object, grade 4 art object
2,000 gpTwo grade 4 art objects
2,500 gpFive grade 2 art objects, two grade 3 art objects, grade 4 art object
5,000 gpGrade 5 art object
5,000 gpFour grade 3 art objects, three grade 4 art objects
7,500 gpGrade 3 art object, two grade 4 art objects, grade 5 art object
10,000 gpGrade 6 art object
10,000 gpFive grade 4 art objects, grade 5 art object
15,000 gpGrade 5 art object, grade 6 art object
20,000 gpTwo grade 5 art objects, grade 6 art object
50,000 gpTen grade 3 art objects, five grade 4 art objects, four grade 5 art objects, two grade 6 art objects

This treasure is made up art objects, which can generally be traded for their full value.

Type D Treasure, Coins and Small Objects
50 gp3d6 × 10 sp, 4d4 gp, lesser minor scroll
50 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, lesser minor potion
100 gp4d6 × 10 sp, 3d10 gp, lesser minor potion, lesser minor scroll
150 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 6d6 gp, greater minor scroll
200 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 4d6 gp, greater minor potion, lesser minor scroll
250 gp3d6 × 10 sp, 3d6 gp, 1d4 pp, two lesser minor potions, greater minor scroll
300 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 6d6 gp, greater minor potion, greater minor scroll
400 gpGreater minor potion, two greater minor scrolls
500 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 1d4 pp, lesser medium potion, greater minor scroll
500 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 1d4 pp, two greater minor potions, greater minor scroll
750 gp7d6 gp, greater minor scroll, lesser minor wand
1,000 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 3d6 pp, lesser medium potion, lesser medium scroll
1,000 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 2d4 pp, lesser medium potion, lesser minor wand
1,500 gpGreater minor wand
1,500 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 3d6 pp, greater medium potion, greater medium scroll
2,000 gpGreater medium potion, greater minor wand
2,000 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 2d4 pp, lesser medium potion, two greater medium scrolls
3,000 gp3d6 × 10 gp, 4d4 pp, greater medium potion, greater medium scroll, greater minor wand
4,000 gp3d6 × 10 gp, 4d4 pp, greater medium scroll, two greater minor wands
5,000 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 2d4 pp, three lesser major potions, two greater medium scrolls, greater minor wand
7,500 gp2d6 pp, lesser major scroll, lesser medium wand
7,500 gp5d6 pp, two greater major potions, two greater major scrolls
10,000 gpGreater medium wand
10,000 gp4d6 pp, greater major potion, greater major scroll, lesser medium wand
15,000 gpLesser major wand
15,000 gp9d10 pp, three greater major potions, two lesser major scrolls, greater medium wand
20,000 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 2d4x10 pp, two greater major potions, greater major scroll, lesser major wand
20,000 gp6d6 × 10 gp, three lesser major potions, greater major wand
25,000 gpFive greater major scrolls, greater medium wand
30,000 gp6d6 pp, four greater major potions, three greater major scrolls, greater major wand
50,000 gp8d4 × 10 pp, four greater major scrolls, two greater major wands

This treasure is made up coins and small magic items, such as potions, scrolls, and wands.

Type E Treasure, Armor and Weapons
200 gpMasterwork light armor or shield
300 gpMasterwork medium armor
350 gpMasterwork weapon
1,000 gpMasterwork heavy armor
1,500 gpLesser minor armor
2,500 gpLesser minor weapon
3,000 gpGreater minor armor
3,000 gpMasterwork medium armor, masterwork shield, lesser minor weapon
4,000 gpLesser minor armor, lesser minor weapon
5,500 gpGreater minor armor, lesser minor weapon
6,000 gpGreater minor weapon
7,500 gpLesser minor armor, greater minor weapon
8,000 gpGreater minor armor, two lesser minor weapons
9,000 gpGreater minor armor, greater minor weapon
10,000 gpLesser medium armor, lesser minor weapon
13,000 gpLesser medium weapon
13,000 gpLesser medium armor, greater minor weapon
15,000 gpGreater medium armor, lesser minor weapon
20,000 gpLesser medium armor, lesser medium weapon
25,000 gpGreater minor armor, greater medium weapon
30,000 gpLesser major armor, lesser minor weapon, greater minor weapon
30,000 gpLesser medium armor, greater medium weapon
35,000 gpLesser major armor, lesser medium weapon
35,000 gpLesser minor armor, lesser major weapon
40,000 gpGreater major armor, greater minor weapon
50,000 gpGreater major armor, lesser medium weapon
75,000 gpGreater minor armor, greater major weapon
100,000 gpGreater major armor, greater major weapon

This treasure is made up entirely of armor and weapons. Note that the value of some types of armor and weapons can significantly increase the value of some low-level rewards.

Type F Treasure, Combatant Gear
50 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, lesser minor potion
250 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, masterwork light armor or shield, lesser minor potion
350 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, masterwork medium armor, lesser minor potion
400 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, masterwork weapon, lesser minor potion
500 gpMasterwork weapon, greater minor potion
750 gp6d6 gp, masterwork medium armor, masterwork weapon, two lesser minor potions
1,000 gpMasterwork heavy armor
1,500 gpMasterwork heavy armor, masterwork weapon, greater minor potion
2,000 gpLesser minor armor, masterwork weapon, two greater minor potions
3.000 gpMasterwork medium armor, lesser minor weapon, greater minor potion
4,000 gpLesser minor armor, masterwork weapon, lesser minor wondrous item, greater minor potion
5,000 gpMasterwork medium armor, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor wondrous item, greater minor potion
6,000 gpLesser minor armor, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor wondrous item
7,500 gpGreater minor armor, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor ring
10,000 gpGreater minor armor, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, three greater minor potions
10,000 gpGreater minor armor, greater minor weapon, two greater medium potions
12,500 gpGreater minor armor, lesser minor weapon, greater minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions
15,000 gpGreater minor armor, greater minor weapon, greater minor ring
20,000 gpLesser medium armor, greater minor weapon, greater minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions
25,000 gpLesser medium armor, lesser medium weapon, lesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions
30,000 gpLesser medium armor, lesser medium weapon, two lesser minor rings, greater minor wondrous items
40,000 gpLesser medium armor, lesser medium weapon, lesser medium ring, greater minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions
50,000 gpGreater medium armor, greater medium weapon, lesser medium wondrous item, two lesser major potions
60,000 gpGreater medium armor, greater medium weapon, two greater minor rings, two greater minor wondrous items
75,000 gpLesser major armor, greater medium weapon, greater minor ring, greater medium wondrous item, three greater major potions
100,000 gpLesser major armor, lesser major weapon, lesser medium ring, greater minor ring, two lesser medium wondrous items

Treasure of this type represents the typical gear that might be carried by a creature that frequently finds itself in combat without the aid of spells or magic. These rewards include coins only if needed to round out the total value to an easily used number. Note that the value of some types of armor and weapons can significantly increase the value of some low-level rewards.

Type G Treasure, Spellcaster Gear
50 gp2d4 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, lesser minor potion
75 gp2d4 gp, lesser minor potion, lesser minor scroll
100 gpLesser minor potion, two lesser minor scrolls
150 gpLesser minor scroll, greater minor scroll
200 gpTwo lesser minor potions, greater minor scroll
250 gpTwo greater minor scrolls
500 gpThree lesser minor potions, three greater minor scrolls
750 gpGreater minor potion, lesser minor wand
1,000 gp7d6 gp, three greater minor scrolls, lesser minor wand
1,500 gp3d6 × 10 gp, Lesser medium potion, lesser medium scroll, lesser minor wand
2,000 gp2d4 × 10 gp, masterwork weapon, two lesser medium scrolls, lesser minor wand
2,500 gpTwo greater medium potions, greater minor wand
3,000 gpGreater medium potion, two lesser medium scrolls, greater minor wand
4,000 gpLesser minor wondrous item, greater medium potion, greater minor wand
5,000 gpLesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, two lesser medium scrolls
6,000 gpLesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, greater medium potion, greater minor wand
7,500 gpTwo greater medium potions, lesser minor scroll, lesser medium wand
10,000 gpLesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, lesser medium wand
12,500 gpLesser minor ring, greater minor wondrous item, two greater medium scrolls, two greater minor wands
15,000 gpLesser minor ring, lesser medium rod, lesser medium wand
20,000 gpGreater minor ring, greater minor wondrous item, greater medium potion, two greater medium scrolls, lesser medium wand
25,000 gpLesser minor ring, lesser medium wand, greater medium wand, greater minor wondrous item
30,000 gpGreater minor ring, lesser medium wondrous item, lesser major scroll, greater medium wand
40,000 gpLesser minor weapon, lesser medium staff, greater medium rod, two lesser minor wondrous items, lesser medium wand
50,000 gpGreater minor ring, two lesser medium wondrous items, lesser major potion, three greater medium scrolls, lesser major wand
60,000 gpLesser medium staff, greater medium rod, greater medium wondrous item, greater medium potion, two lesser major scrolls, lesser medium wand
75,000 gpLesser minor weapon, greater medium staff, greater medium wondrous item, three greater major scrolls, greater major wand
100,000 gpLesser major ring, greater medium rod, lesser major staff, lesser major scroll, greater medium wand

Treasure of this type represents the typical gear that might be carried by a spellcasting creature. These rewards include coins only if needed to round out the total value to an easily used number.

Type H Treasure, Lair Treasure
500 gp4d4 × 100 cp, 3d6 × 10 sp, 2d4 × 10 gp, masterwork weapon, lesser minor potion, lesser minor scroll, grade 2 gemstone
1,000 gp2d4 × 100 cp, 2d6 × 100 sp, 6d6 gp, greater minor potion, greater minor scroll, lesser minor wand, three grade 1 gemstones
2,500 gp3d6 × 10 sp, 2d4 gp, masterwork heavy armor, masterwork weapon, two lesser medium potions, two greater minor scrolls, grade 2 gemstone
5,000 gp2d4 × 10 gp, 4d6 pp, masterwork weapon, lesser minor ring, greater medium potion, lesser medium scroll, greater minor wand
7,500 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions, greater minor wand, two grade 3 gemstones
10,000 gp4d8 × 10 gp, 6d10 pp, greater minor armor, lesser minor ring, lesser minor wondrous item, lesser medium scroll, greater minor wand, grade 4 gemstone
15,000 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 4d4 × 10 pp, greater minor armor, lesser minor wondrous item, two greater medium potions, two greater medium scrolls, lesser medium wand, one grade 3 gemstone
20,000 gp2d4 × 10 pp, greater minor ring, two lesser minor wondrous items, two greater medium potions, two lesser major scrolls, lesser medium wand
25,000 gp6d10 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser medium armor, lesser minor weapon, greater minor wondrous item, two lesser major scrolls, lesser medium wand, grade 4 gemstone
30,000 gp6d6 × 10 gp, 2d4 × 10 pp, greater minor weapon, lesser medium wondrous item, greater medium wand, three grade 3 gemstones
40,000 gp4d4 × 10 gp, 4d4 × 10 pp, lesser medium ring, lesser medium rod, two greater major potions, two lesser major scrolls, lesser major wand
50,000 gp4d4 × 10 pp, greater medium armor, lesser medium staff, lesser medium wondrous item, greater major scroll, lesser medium wand, grade 5 gemstone
75,000 gp2d8 × 100 gp, 4d4 × 10 pp, greater minor weapon, greater medium ring, greater medium staff, three greater major potions, greater major scroll, lesser major wand, grade 5 gemstone
100,000 gp8d6 × 100 gp, 4d4 × 10 pp, lesser major ring, lesser major wondrous item, three greater major potions, greater major scroll, lesser medium wand, two grade 5 gemstones, grade 6 gemstone

Rewards from this type of treasure represent the kinds of items that might be found in the lair of one or more creatures. Though they can be of any type, this treasure tends to include a fair number of coins and smaller magic items.

Type I Treasure, Treasure Hoard
5,000 gp4d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d6 × 100 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser minor armor, greater minor wand, five grade 3 gemstones, grade 3 art object
10,000 gp4d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d6 × 100 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 6d6 pp, greater minor armor, lesser minor weapon, lesser minor wondrous item, greater medium scroll, grade 4 gemstone, grade 3 art object
15,000 gp2d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d4 × 100 sp, 3d6 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, greater minor ring, two lesser minor wondrous items, two greater medium potions, greater minor wand, grade 4 gemstone, grade 3 art object
20,000 gp2d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d4 × 100 sp, 3d6 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, greater minor armor, lesser medium rod, greater minor wondrous item, two lesser major potions, greater medium scroll, three grade 3 art objects
25,000 gp2d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d4 × 100 sp, 3d6 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser medium staff, two lesser minor wondrous items, greater medium potion, lesser medium wand, two grade 2 gemstones, two grade 3 gemstones, grade 4 gemstone
30,000 gp2d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d4 × 100 sp, 3d6 × 10 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser medium armor, greater minor weapon, lesser medium wondrous item, two lesser major scrolls, grade 4 art object
40,000 gp4d4 × 1,000 cp, 6d6 × 100 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 6d6 pp, lesser medium weapon, greater medium rod, greater major potion, greater medium scroll, lesser medium wand, three grade 3 art objects, two grade 4 art objects
50,000 gp4d4 × 10,000 cp, 6d6 × 1,000 sp, 4d4 × 100 gp, 2d4 × 10 pp, greater minor armor, two greater minor weapons, greater medium staff, greater minor wondrous item, grade 5 gemstone
60,000 gp2d4 × 10,000 cp, 2d4 × 1,000 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 2d4 × 10 pp, greater medium weapon, greater medium rod, lesser medium wondrous item, greater major scroll, two greater minor wands, grade 4 gemstone, five grade 2 art objects
75,000 gp2d4 × 10,000 cp, 2d4 × 1,000 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 2d4 × 10 pp, lesser major armor, greater medium ring, lesser medium staff, greater medium wand, grade 6 gemstone, grade 4 art object
100,000 gp2d4 × 10,000 cp, 2d4 × 1,000 sp, 2d4 × 100 gp, 2d4 × 10 pp, lesser medium weapon, greater medium ring, lesser major rod, greater medium wondrous item, two greater major potions, lesser medium scroll, two grade 4 art objects
125,000 gp4d4 × 10,000 cp, 6d6 × 1,000 sp, 4d4 × 100 gp, 2d8 × 10 pp, greater major armor, lesser medium weapon, lesser major staff, two greater major scrolls, greater major wand, grade 6 gemstone, three grade 4 art objects
150,000 gp4d4 × 10,000 cp, 6d6 × 1,000 sp, 4d4 × 100 gp, 2d8 × 10 pp, greater medium armor, lesser major ring, greater major wondrous item, greater major wand
200,000 gp4d4 × 10,000 cp, 6d6 × 1,000 sp, 4d4 × 100 gp, 2d8 × 10 pp, greater major weapon, two lesser medium rings, lesser major staff, lesser major wondrous item, lesser major wand, three grade 5 gemstones, grade 4 gemstone
300,000 gp8d4 × 10,000 cp, 12d6 × 1,000 sp, 8d4 × 100 gp, 2d8 × 10 pp, greater major weapon, lesser major ring, greater major staff, greater major wondrous item, greater medium wand, grade 6 gemstone, grade 6 art object

Rewards from this type of treasure represent the kinds of items that might be found in the vault of an entire community of creatures or in the hoard of a mighty beast such as a dragon. While this reward can include items of any type, it focuses on coins, gems, and larger, more valuable items.

Random Armor or Shield
d%Type of Armor or Shield
01–04Banded mail
15–21Chain shirt
28–34Full plate
40–45Heavy steel shield
46–51Heavy wooden shield
56–61Leather armor
62–65Light steel shield
66–69Light wooden shield
70–72Padded armor
73–77Scale mail
78–81Splint mail
82–87Studded leather armor
88–90Tower shield
91–93Other light armor*
94–95Other medium armor*
96–98Other heavy armor*
99–100Other shield*
*GM's choice of armor or shield.
Random Weapon
d%Type of Weapon
01Bastard sword
09–10Composite longbow
11–12Composite shortbow
18Dwarven waraxe
31–33Heavy crossbow
34Heavy flail
35Heavy mace
38–40Light crossbow
41Light flail
42Light hammer
43–44Light mace
45Light pick
93–94Other light melee weapon*
95–96Other one-handed melee weapon*
97–98Other two-handed melee weapon*
99–100Other ranged weapon*
*GM's choice of weapon.
Random Potions and Oils
Lesser MinorGreater MinorLesser MediumGreater MediumLesser MajorGreater MajorSpell LevelCaster Level
Type of Potion or Oil
d%Potion or oil Type*
* Except 0-level potions and oils, all of which are common.
0-Level Potions and Oils
d%Common Potion or OilPrice
01–14Arcane mark25 gp
15–28Guidance25 gp
29–44Light25 gp
45–58Purify food and drink25 gp
59–72Resistance25 gp
73–86Stabilize25 gp
87–100Virtue25 gp
1st-Level Potions and Oils
d%Common Potion or OilPrice
01–04Bless weapon50 gp
05–14Cure light wounds50 gp
15–19Endure elements50 gp
20–27Enlarge person50 gp
28–33Jump50 gp
34–41Mage armor50 gp
42–47Magic fang50 gp
48–55Magic weapon50 gp
56–60Pass without trace50 gp
61–64Protection from chaos50 gp
65–68Protection from evil50 gp
69–72Protection from good50 gp
73–76Protection from law50 gp
77–81Reduce person50 gp
82–87Remove fear50 gp
88–92Sanctuary50 gp
93–100Shield of faith50 gp
d%Uncommon Potion or OilPrice
01–04Animate rope50 gp
05–11Ant haul50 gp
12–16Cloak of the shade50 gp
17–20Erase50 gp
21–26Feather step50 gp
27–30Goodberry50 gp
31–34Grease50 gp
35–41Hide from animals50 gp
42–49Hide from undead50 gp
50–53Hold portal50 gp
54–58Invigorate50 gp
59–64Keen senses50 gp
65–68Magic stone50 gp
69–75Remove sickness50 gp
76–80Sanctify corpse50 gp
81–84Shillelagh50 gp
85–92Touch of the sea50 gp
93–100Vanish50 gp
2nd-Level Potions and Oils
d%Common Potion or OilPrice
01–04Aid300 gp
05–07Align weapon300 gp
08–11Barkskin300 gp
12–16Bear's endurance300 gp
17–20Blur300 gp
21–25Bull's strength300 gp
26–30Cat's grace300 gp
31–37Cure moderate wounds300 gp
38–41Darkvision300 gp
42–44Delay poison300 gp
45–49Eagle's splendor300 gp
50–54Fox's cunning300 gp
55–61Invisibility300 gp
62–66Levitate300 gp
67–71Owl's wisdom300 gp
72–73Protection from arrows300 gp
74–76Remove paralysis300 gp
77–80Resist energy, acid300 gp
81–84Resist energy, cold300 gp
85–88Resist energy, electricity300 gp
89–92Resist energy, fire300 gp
93–94Resist energy, sonic300 gp
95–98Spider climb300 gp
99–100Undetectable alignment300 gp
d%Uncommon Potion or OilPrice
01–06Ablative barrier300 gp
07–14Acute senses300 gp
15–19Arcane lock300 gp
20–24Bullet shield300 gp
25–30Certain grip300 gp
31–35Continual flame350 gp
36–40Corruption resistance300 gp
41–48Disguise other300 gp
49–56Gentle repose300 gp
57–61Make whole300 gp
62–67Obscure object300 gp
68–72Reduce animal300 gp
73–76Rope trick300 gp
77–82Slipstream300 gp
83–90Status300 gp
91–95Warp wood300 gp
96–100Wood shape300 gp
3rd-Level Potions and Oils
d%Common Potion or OilPrice
01–06Cure serious wounds750 gp
07–10Dispel magic750 gp
11–14Displacement750 gp
15–20Fly750 gp
21–25Gaseous form750 gp
26–29Good hope750 gp
30–35Haste750 gp
36–40Heroism750 gp
41–44Keen edge750 gp
45–48Magic fang, greater750 gp
49–52Magic vestment750 gp
53–57Neutralize poison750 gp
58–60Protection from energy, acid750 gp
61–63Protection from energy, cold750 gp
64–66Protection from energy, electricity750 gp
67–69Protection from energy, fire750 gp
70–71Protection from energy, sonic750 gp
72–74Rage750 gp
75–77Remove blindness/deafness750 gp
78–81Remove curse750 gp
82–86Remove disease750 gp
87–91Tongues750 gp
92–96Water breathing750 gp
97–100Water walk750 gp
d%Uncommon Potion or OilPrice
01–12Burrow750 gp
11–22Countless eyes750 gp
23–34Daylight750 gp
35–49Draconic reservoir750 gp
50–58Flame arrow750 gp
59–67Shrink item750 gp
68–77Stone shape750 gp
78–87Fire trap775 gp
88–100Nondetection800 gp
Random Scrolls
Lesser MinorGreater MinorLesser MediumGreater MediumLesser MajorGreater MajorSpell LevelCaster Level
Type of Scroll
d%Scroll Type
01–45Common arcane scroll
46–60Uncommon arcane scroll
61–90Common divine scroll
91–100Uncommon divine scroll
0-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–09Acid splash12 gp, 5 sp
10–17Daze12 gp, 5 sp
18–27Detect magic12 gp, 5 sp
28–35Flare12 gp, 5 sp
36–45Light12 gp, 5 sp
46–55Mage hand12 gp, 5 sp
56–63Mending12 gp, 5 sp
64–72Prestidigitation12 gp, 5 sp
73–81Ray of frost12 gp, 5 sp
82–91Read magic12 gp, 5 sp
92–100Touch of fatigue12 gp, 5 sp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–07Arcane mark12 gp, 5 sp
08–17Bleed12 gp, 5 sp
18–25Dancing lights12 gp, 5 sp
26–35Detect poison12 gp, 5 sp
36–42Disrupt undead12 gp, 5 sp
43–51Ghost sound12 gp, 5 sp
52–61Message12 gp, 5 sp
62–68Open/close12 gp, 5 sp
69–75Resistance12 gp, 5 sp
76–83Sift12 gp, 5 sp
84–92Spark12 gp, 5 sp
93–100Unwitting ally12 gp, 5 sp
1st-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–05Burning hands25 gp
06–09Cause fear25 gp
10–14Charm person25 gp
15–17Chill touch25 gp
18–21Disguise self25 gp
22–24Endure elements25 gp
25–28Enlarge person25 gp
29–32Expeditious retreat25 gp
33–36Grease25 gp
37–39Hypnotism25 gp
40–42Identify25 gp
43–48Mage armor25 gp
49–54Magic missile25 gp
55–58Magic weapon25 gp
59–62Obscuring mist25 gp
63–64Protection from chaos25 gp
65–67Protection from evil25 gp
68–69Protection from good25 gp
70–71Protection from law25 gp
72–75Ray of enfeeblement25 gp
76–80Shield25 gp
81–84Shocking grasp25 gp
85–88Silent image25 gp
89–93Sleep25 gp
94–96Summon monster I25 gp
97–100True strike25 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–02Air bubble25 gp
03–06Alarm25 gp
07–08Animate rope25 gp
09–12Ant haul25 gp
13–15Blend25 gp
16–18Break25 gp
19–23Color spray25 gp
24–26Comprehend languages25 gp
27–30Corrosive touch25 gp
31–33Detect secret doors25 gp
34–36Detect undead25 gp
37–38Erase25 gp
39–40Flare burst25 gp
41–43Floating disk25 gp
44–46Hold portal25 gp
47–48Hydraulic push25 gp
49–51Icicle dagger25 gp
52–54Illusion of calm25 gp
55–58Jump25 gp
59–60Magic aura25 gp
61–63Mirror strike25 gp
64–66Mount25 gp
67–69Ray of sickening25 gp
70–71Reduce person25 gp
72–74Shadow weapon25 gp
75–77Shock shield25 gp
78–80Stone fist25 gp
81–84Touch of the sea25 gp
85–88Unseen servant25 gp
89–91Urban grace25 gp
92–96Vanish25 gp
97–98Ventriloquism25 gp
99–100Voice alteration25 gp
2nd-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Acid arrow150 gp
05–07Alter self150 gp
08–12Bear's endurance150 gp
13–15Blur150 gp
16–20Bull's strength150 gp
21–24Cat's grace150 gp
25–27Darkness150 gp
28–30Darkvision150 gp
31–34Eagle's splendor150 gp
35–37False life150 gp
38–40Flaming sphere150 gp
41–44Fox's cunning150 gp
45–47Glitterdust150 gp
48–52Invisibility150 gp
53–54Knock150 gp
55–58Levitate150 gp
59–61Minor image150 gp
62–65Mirror image150 gp
66–69Owl's wisdom150 gp
70–73Resist energy150 gp
74–75Rope trick150 gp
76–80Scorching ray150 gp
81–83See invisibility150 gp
84–85Shatter150 gp
86–88Spider climb150 gp
89–91Summon monster II150 gp
92–93Summon swarm150 gp
94–98Web150 gp
99–100Whispering wind150 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–03Bestow weapon proficiency150 gp
04–06Blindness/deafness150 gp
07–09Burning gaze150 gp
10–12Certain grip150 gp
13–14Command undead150 gp
15–16Create pit150 gp
17–20Daze monster150 gp
21–23Detect thoughts150 gp
24–27Disguise other150 gp
28–31Elemental touch150 gp
32–34Fire breath150 gp
35–38Fog cloud150 gp
39–40Ghoul touch150 gp
41Glide150 gp
42–44Gust of wind150 gp
45–47Haunting mists150 gp
48–51Hideous laughter150 gp
52–54Hypnotic pattern150 gp
55–57Locate object150 gp
58–60Make whole150 gp
61–62Misdirection150 gp
63Obscure object150 gp
64–65Pernicious poison150 gp
66–67Protection from arrows150 gp
68–70Pyrotechnics150 gp
71–73Returning weapon150 gp
74–77Scare150 gp
78–80Shadow anchor150 gp
81–83Share memory150 gp
84–85Slipstream150 gp
86–88Spectral hand150 gp
89–90Spontaneous immolation150 gp
91–93Touch of idiocy150 gp
94Unshakable chill150 gp
95–96Magic mouth160 gp
97Arcane lock175 gp
98–99Continual flame200 gp
100Phantom trap200 gp
3rd-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–03Beast shape I375 gp
04–07Blink375 gp
08–12Dispel magic375 gp
13–16Displacement375 gp
17–21Fireball375 gp
22–24Flame arrow375 gp
25–29Fly375 gp
30–32Gaseous form375 gp
33–37Haste375 gp
38–40Heroism375 gp
41–43Hold person375 gp
44–46Invisibility sphere375 gp
47–51Lightning bolt375 gp
52–54Magic circle against chaos375 gp
55–57Magic circle against evil375 gp
58–60Magic circle against good375 gp
61–63Magic circle against law375 gp
64–66Major image375 gp
67–70Phantom steed375 gp
71–74Protection from energy375 gp
75–78Slow375 gp
79–81Stinking cloud375 gp
82–84Suggestion375 gp
85–87Summon monster III375 gp
88–90Tiny hut375 gp
91–94Tongues375 gp
95–97Vampiric touch375 gp
98–100Water breathing375 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–03Animate dead, lesser375 gp
04–06Aqueous orb375 gp
07–08Arcane sight375 gp
09–12Beast shape375 gp
13–15Clairaudience/clairvoyance375 gp
16–17Cloak of winds375 gp
18–20Daylight375 gp
21–24Deep slumber375 gp
25–27Distracting cacophony375 gp
28–30Draconic reservoir375 gp
31–35Elemental aura375 gp
36–38Explosive runes375 gp
39–43Force punch375 gp
44–45Gentle repose375 gp
46–47Halt undead375 gp
48–49Healing thief375 gp
50–51Hydraulic torrent375 gp
52–56Keen edge375 gp
57–61Magic weapon, greater375 gp
62–65Monstrous physique I375 gp
66–68Rage375 gp
69–70Ray of exhaustion375 gp
71–73Resinous skin375 gp
74–75Resist energy, communal375 gp
76–78Secret page375 gp
79–80Shrink item375 gp
81–83Sleet storm375 gp
84–86Spiked pit375 gp
87–90Undead anatomy I375 gp
91–92Versatile weapon375 gp
93–95Wind wall375 gp
96Illusory script425 gp
97–99Nondetection425 gp
100Sepia snake sigil875 gp
4th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–03Beast shape II700 gp
04–05Bestow curse700 gp
06–09Black tentacles700 gp
10–14Charm monster700 gp
15–18Confusion700 gp
19–21Crushing despair700 gp
22–26Dimension door700 gp
27–29Dimensional anchor700 gp
30–32Elemental body I700 gp
33–36Enervation700 gp
37–38Enlarge person, mass700 gp
39–43Fear700 gp
44–47Fire shield700 gp
48–50Globe of invulnerability, lesser700 gp
51–54Ice storm700 gp
55–59Invisibility, greater700 gp
60–64Phantasmal killer700 gp
65–67Resilient sphere700 gp
68–71Scrying700 gp
72–74Shadow conjuration700 gp
75–76Shout700 gp
77–78Solid fog700 gp
79–80Stone shape700 gp
81–83Summon monster IV700 gp
84–88Wall of fire700 gp
89–92Wall of ice700 gp
93–97Stoneskin950 gp
98–100Animate dead1,050 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–02Acid pit700 gp
03–06Arcane eye700 gp
07–10Ball lightning700 gp
11–13Contagion700 gp
14–17Darkvision, greater700 gp
18–19Detect scrying700 gp
20–23Dragon's breath700 gp
24–28False life, greater700 gp
29–32Firefall700 gp
33–35Geas, lesser700 gp
36–39Ghost wolf700 gp
40–41Hallucinatory terrain700 gp
42–43Illusory wall700 gp
44–46Locate creature700 gp
47–50Minor creation700 gp
51–54Monstrous physique II700 gp
55–57Obsidian flow700 gp
58–59Phantom chariot700 gp
60–62Rainbow pattern700 gp
63–64Reduce person, mass700 gp
65–68Remove curse700 gp
69–71Secure shelter700 gp
72–74Shadow projection700 gp
75–79Shocking image700 gp
80–83Telekinetic charge700 gp
84–85True form700 gp
86–89Vermin shape I700 gp
90–94Volcanic storm700 gp
95–97Wandering star motes700 gp
98–99Fire trap725 gp
100Mnemonic enhancer750 gp
5th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–03Baleful polymorph1,125 gp
04–07Beast shape III1,125 gp
08–10Break enchantment1,125 gp
11–15Cloudkill1,125 gp
16–21Cone of cold1,125 gp
22–23Contact other plane1,125 gp
24–26Dismissal1,125 gp
27–31Dominate person1,125 gp
32–35Feeblemind1,125 gp
36–40Hold monster1,125 gp
41–43Magic jar1,125 gp
44–46Mind fog1,125 gp
47–51Overland flight1,125 gp
52–54Passwall1,125 gp
55–56Permanency1,125 gp
57–58Planar binding, lesser1,125 gp
59–62Polymorph1,125 gp
63–65Sending1,125 gp
66–69Shadow evocation1,125 gp
70–73Summon monster V1,125 gp
74–76Telekinesis1,125 gp
77–82Teleport1,125 gp
83–88Wall of force1,125 gp
89–92Wall of stone1,125 gp
93–95Waves of fatigue1,125 gp
96–97Symbol of pain2,125 gp
98–100Symbol of sleep2,125 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–02Absorb toxicity1,125 gp
03–04Animal growth1,125 gp
05–06Blight1,125 gp
07–09Dream1,125 gp
10–13Elemental body II1,125 gp
14–15Fabricate1,125 gp
16–19Fire snake1,125 gp
20–22Hostile juxtaposition1,125 gp
23–25Hungry pit1,125 gp
26–29Icy prison1,125 gp
30–33Interposing hand1,125 gp
34–36Life bubble1,125 gp
37–38Mage's faithful hound1,125 gp
39–40Mage's private sanctum1,125 gp
41–43Major creation1,125 gp
44–46Mirage arcana1,125 gp
47–50Monstrous physique III1,125 gp
51–54Nightmare1,125 gp
55–56Persistent image1,125 gp
57–60Planar adaptation1,125 gp
61–64Plant shape I1,125 gp
65–68Prying eyes1,125 gp
69–70Secret chest1,125 gp
71–73Seeming1,125 gp
74–76Sonic thrust1,125 gp
77–79Suffocation1,125 gp
80–82Telepathic bond1,125 gp
83–84Transmute mud to rock1,125 gp
85–86Transmute rock to mud1,125 gp
87–90Undead anatomy II1,125 gp
91–94Vermin form II1,125 gp
95–98Wind blades1,125 gp
99–100False vision1,375 gp
6th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–03Acid fog1,650 gp
04–07Antimagic field1,650 gp
08–10Bear's endurance, mass1,650 gp
11–13Beast shape IV1,650 gp
14–16Bull's strength, mass1,650 gp
17–19Cat's grace, mass1,650 gp
20–25Chain lightning1,650 gp
26–31Disintegrate1,650 gp
32–37Dispel magic, greater1,650 gp
38–40Eagle's splendor, mass1,650 gp
41–42Eyebite1,650 gp
43–47Flesh to stone1,650 gp
48–50Form of the dragon I1,650 gp
51–53Fox's cunning, mass1,650 gp
54–56Globe of invulnerability1,650 gp
57–59Heroism, greater1,650 gp
60–62Mislead1,650 gp
63–65Owl's wisdom, mass1,650 gp
66–67Planar binding1,650 gp
68–70Shadow walk1,650 gp
71–72Stone to flesh1,650 gp
73–76Suggestion, mass1,650 gp
77–79Summon monster VI1,650 gp
80–82Transformation1,650 gp
83–84Veil1,650 gp
85–87Wall of iron1,700 gp
88–89Create undead1,750 gp
90–92Legend lore1,900 gp
93–96True seeing1,900 gp
97–98Circle of death2,150 gp
99–100Symbol of fear2,650 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Analyze dweomer1,650 gp
05–08Battlemind link1,650 gp
09–12Cloak of dreams1,650 gp
13–15Contagion, greater1,650 gp
16–20Contagious flame1,650 gp
21–26Contingency1,650 gp
27–30Control water1,650 gp
31–35Elemental body III1,650 gp
36–39Fluid form1,650 gp
40–45Forceful hand1,650 gp
46–48Freezing sphere1,650 gp
49–53Geas/quest1,650 gp
54–57Getaway1,650 gp
58–59Guards and wards1,650 gp
60–61Mage's lucubration1,650 gp
62–66Monstrous physique IV1,650 gp
67–68Move earth1,650 gp
69–71Permanent image1,650 gp
72–76Plant shape II1,650 gp
77–80Repulsion1,650 gp
81–84Sirocco1,650 gp
85–87Tar pool1,650 gp
88–92Undead anatomy III1,650 gp
93–95Programmed image1,675 gp
96–98Undeath to death2,150 gp
99–100Symbol of persuasion6,650 gp
7th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Arcane sight, greater2,275 gp
05–07Banishment2,275 gp
08–13Delayed blast fireball2,275 gp
14–17Ethereal jaunt2,275 gp
18–22Finger of death2,275 gp
23–27Form of the dragon II2,275 gp
28–30Hold person, mass2,275 gp
31–35Invisibility, mass2,275 gp
36–39Mage's sword2,275 gp
40–42Phase door2,275 gp
43–48Plane shift2,275 gp
49–53Polymorph, greater2,275 gp
54–57Power word blind2,275 gp
58–62Prismatic spray2,275 gp
63–66Reverse gravity2,275 gp
67–70Scrying, greater2,275 gp
71–73Shadow conjuration, greater2,275 gp
74–78Spell turning2,275 gp
79–81Summon monster VII2,275 gp
82–87Teleport, greater2,275 gp
88–90Waves of exhaustion2,275 gp
91–93Project image2,280 gp
94–97Forcecage2,775 gp
98–100Limited wish3,775 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–03Control undead2,275 gp
04–07Control weather2,275 gp
08–10Create demiplane, lesser2,275 gp
11–14Deflection2,275 gp
15–19Elemental body IV2,275 gp
20–23Firebrand2,275 gp
24–29Fly, mass2,275 gp
30–34Giant form I2,275 gp
35–40Grasping hand2,275 gp
41–44Hostile juxtaposition, greater2,275 gp
45–49Ice body2,275 gp
50–53Insanity2,275 gp
54–56Mage's magnificent mansion2,275 gp
57–61Phantasmal revenge2,275 gp
62–65Plague storm2,275 gp
66–70Plant shape III2,275 gp
71–74Resonating word2,275 gp
75–78Sequester2,275 gp
79–81Statue2,275 gp
82–84Teleport object2,275 gp
85–88Walk through space2,275 gp
89–91Vision2,525 gp
92–93Instant summons3,275 gp
94–96Symbol of stunning7,275 gp
97–98Symbol of weakness7,275 gp
99–100Simulacrum8,775 gp
8th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–05Charm monster, mass3,000 gp
06–09Demand3,000 gp
10–13Dimensional lock3,000 gp
14–18Form of the dragon III3,000 gp
19–23Horrid wilting3,000 gp
24–28Incendiary cloud3,000 gp
29–33Irresistible dance3,000 gp
34–40Maze3,000 gp
41–45Mind blank3,000 gp
46–49Planar binding, greater3,000 gp
50–55Polar ray3,000 gp
56–59Polymorph any object3,000 gp
60–66Power word stun3,000 gp
67–72Prismatic wall3,000 gp
73–76Scintillating pattern3,000 gp
77–80Summon monster VIII3,000 gp
81–85Telekinetic sphere3,000 gp
86–90Protection from spells3,500 gp
91–94Symbol of death8,000 gp
95–97Temporal stasis8,000 gp
98–100Trap the soul23,000 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Antipathy3,000 gp
05–10Clenched fist3,000 gp
11–12Clone3,000 gp
13–15Create demiplane3,000 gp
16–19Discern location3,000 gp
20–24Euphoric tranquility3,000 gp
25–29Frightful aspect3,000 gp
30–34Giant form II3,000 gp
35–38Iron body3,000 gp
39–43Moment of prescience3,000 gp
44–47Orb of the void3,000 gp
48–52Pyrying eyes, greater3,000 gp
53–56Screen3,000 gp
57–62Shadow evocation, greater3,000 gp
63–66Shout, greater3,000 gp
67–72Stormbolts3,000 gp
73–76Sunburst3,000 gp
77–81Undead anatomy IV3,000 gp
82–87Wall of lava3,000 gp
88–91Create greater undead3,150 gp
92–95Sympathy4,500 gp
96–98Symbol of insanity8,000 gp
99–100Binding (chaining)13,000 gp
9th-Level Arcane Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–06Dominate monster3,825 gp
07–11Energy drain3,825 gp
12–16Freedom3,825 gp
17–23Gate3,825 gp
24–28Hold monster, mass3,825 gp
29–33Imprisonment3,825 gp
34–39Mage's disjunction3,825 gp
40–47Meteor swarm3,825 gp
48–55Power word kill3,825 gp
56–61Prismatic sphere3,825 gp
62–66Shapechange3,825 gp
67–71Summon monster IX3,825 gp
72–79Time stop3,825 gp
80–85Weird3,825 gp
86–90Astral projection4,825 gp
91–96Teleportation circle4,825 gp
97–100Wish28,825 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–06Create demiplane, greater3,825 gp
07–15Crushing hand3,825 gp
16–23Etherealness3,825 gp
24–31Fiery body3,825 gp
32–38Foresight3,825 gp
39–44Heroic invocation3,825 gp
45–50Icy prison, mass3,825 gp
51–57Ride the lightning3,825 gp
58–65Shades3,825 gp
66–72Soul bind3,825 gp
73–79Tsunami3,825 gp
80–88Wail of the banshee3,825 gp
89–95Winds of vengeance3,825 gp
96–100Refuge4,325 gp
0-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–11Bleed12 gp, 5 sp
12–21Create water12 gp, 5 sp
22–34Detect magic12 gp, 5 sp
35–44Know direction12 gp, 5 sp
45–55Light12 gp, 5 sp
56–65Mending12 gp, 5 sp
66–75Purify food and drink12 gp, 5 sp
76–88Read magic12 gp, 5 sp
89–100Stabilize12 gp, 5 sp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–15Detect poison12 gp, 5 sp
16–33Flare12 gp, 5 sp
34–50Guidance12 gp, 5 sp
51–68Resistance12 gp, 5 sp
69–85Spark12 gp, 5 sp
86–100Virtue12 gp, 5 sp
1st-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Bane25 gp
05–10Bless25 gp
11–15Cause fear25 gp
16–19Command25 gp
20–22Comprehend languages25 gp
23–28Cure light wounds25 gp
29–30Detect chaos25 gp
31–32Detect evil25 gp
33–34Detect good25 gp
35–36Detect law25 gp
37–39Detect undead25 gp
40–45Divine favor25 gp
46–48Doom25 gp
49–52Entangle25 gp
53–57Inflict light wounds25 gp
58–61Magic fang25 gp
62–65Obscuring mist25 gp
66–68Produce flame25 gp
69–71Protection from chaos25 gp
72–74Protection from evil25 gp
75–77Protection from good25 gp
78–80Protection from law25 gp
81–84Remove fear25 gp
85–88Sanctuary25 gp
89–94Shield of faith25 gp
95–97Summon monster I25 gp
98–100Summon nature's ally I25 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Ant haul25 gp
05–07Aspect of the falcon25 gp
08–09Calm animals25 gp
10–12Charm animal25 gp
13–15Compel hostility25 gp
16–17Deathwatch25 gp
18Detect animals or plants25 gp
19–20Detect snares and pits25 gp
21–23Diagnose disease25 gp
24–27Endure elements25 gp
28–30Entropic shield25 gp
31–33Faerie fire25 gp
34–36Feather step25 gp
37–39Forbid action25 gp
40–42Frostbite25 gp
43–46Goodberry25 gp
47Hide from animals25 gp
48–49Hide from undead25 gp
50–52Hydraulic push25 gp
53–55Jump25 gp
56–59Keen senses25 gp
60–62Liberating command25 gp
63–65Longstrider25 gp
66–68Magic stone25 gp
69–72Pass without trace25 gp
73–74Remove sickness25 gp
75Sanctify corpse25 gp
76–78Shillelagh25 gp
79–81Speak with animals25 gp
82–85Stone fist25 gp
86–88Stone shield25 gp
89–91Sun metal25 gp
92–95Touch of the sea25 gp
96–98Bless water50 gp
99–100Curse water50 gp
2nd-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Aid150 gp
05–06Align weapon150 gp
07–08Animal messenger150 gp
09–13Barkskin150 gp
14–16Bear's endurance150 gp
17–19Bull's strength150 gp
20–22Cat's grace150 gp
23–24Chill metal150 gp
25–30Cure moderate wounds150 gp
31–33Darkness150 gp
34–36Delay poison150 gp
37–39Eagle's splendor150 gp
40–41Find traps150 gp
42–44Flame blade150 gp
45–46Fog cloud150 gp
47–50Heat metal150 gp
51–52Hold animal150 gp
53–56Hold person150 gp
57–60Inflict moderate wounds150 gp
61–63Owl's wisdom150 gp
64–65Remove paralysis150 gp
66–68Resist energy150 gp
69–73Restoration, lesser150 gp
74–77Shield other150 gp
78–81Silence150 gp
82–85Sound burst150 gp
86–89Spiritual weapon150 gp
90–91Summon monster II150 gp
92–93Summon nature's ally II150 gp
94–95Summon swarm150 gp
96–97Zone of truth150 gp
98–100Augury175 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Animal aspect150 gp
05–06Animal trance150 gp
07–10Animate dead, lesser150 gp
11–13Arrow of law150 gp
14–17Aspect of the bear150 gp
18–20Blessing of courage and life150 gp
21–24Calm emotions150 gp
25–27Death knell150 gp
28–30Dread bolt150 gp
31–34Effortless armor150 gp
35–37Enthrall150 gp
38–41Flaming sphere150 gp
42–43Gentle repose150 gp
44–46Grace150 gp
47–48Groundswell150 gp
49–51Gust of wind150 gp
52–53Instant armor150 gp
54–55Instrument of agony150 gp
56–58Make whole150 gp
59–60Reduce animal150 gp
61–62Scent trail150 gp
63–65Shard of chaos150 gp
66–68Share language150 gp
69–70Shatter150 gp
71–73Soften earth and stone150 gp
74–76Spear of purity150 gp
77–79Spider climb150 gp
80–82Status150 gp
83–84Tree shape150 gp
85Undetectable alignment150 gp
86–88Warp wood150 gp
89–91Weapon of awe150 gp
92–93Wood shape150 gp
94–95Consecrate175 gp
96–97Desecrate175 gp
98–99Fire trap175 gp
>100Masterwork transformation450 gp
3rd-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–03Bestow curse375 gp
04–08Call lightning375 gp
09–15Cure serious wounds375 gp
16–19Daylight375 gp
20–23Deeper darkness375 gp
24–28Dispel magic375 gp
29–33Inflict serious wounds375 gp
34–37Invisibility purge375 gp
38–40Locate object375 gp
41–42Magic circle against chaos375 gp
43–44Magic circle against evil375 gp
45–46Magic circle against good375 gp
47–48Magic circle against law375 gp
49–52Magic fang, greater375 gp
53–57Magic vestment375 gp
58–59Poison375 gp
60–65Prayer375 gp
66–68Protection from energy375 gp
69–70Remove blindness/deafness375 gp
71–73Remove curse375 gp
74–76Remove disease375 gp
77–79Searing light375 gp
80–81Sleet storm375 gp
82–85Speak with dead375 gp
86–87Stone shape375 gp
88–89Summon monster III375 gp
90–91Summon nature's ally III375 gp
92–95Water breathing375 gp
96–97Water walk375 gp
98–100Animate dead625 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Aqueous orb375 gp
05–08Archon's aura375 gp
09–12Bestow insight375 gp
13–16Blindness/deafness375 gp
17–19Burst of nettles375 gp
20–22Chain of perdition375 gp
23–26Contagion375 gp
27–30Create food and water375 gp
31–34Daybreak arrow375 gp
35–36Diminish plants375 gp
37–40Discovery torch375 gp
41–45Dominate animal375 gp
46–48Guiding star375 gp
49–51Helping hand375 gp
52–56Meld into stone375 gp
57–58Obscure object375 gp
59–61Plant growth375 gp
62–64Quench375 gp
65–67Shifting sands375 gp
68–72Snare375 gp
73–75Speak with plants375 gp
76–80Spike growth375 gp
81–83Vision of hell375 gp
84–87Wind wall375 gp
88–90Wrathful mantle375 gp
91–93Continual flame425 gp
94–96Nap stack475 gp
97–98Glyph of warding575 gp
99–100Symbol of healing875 gp
4th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Air walk700 gp
05–07Chaos hammer700 gp
08–15Cure critical wounds700 gp
16–19Death ward700 gp
20–22Dimensional anchor700 gp
23–25Discern lies700 gp
26–28Dismissal700 gp
29–33Divine power700 gp
34–39Flame strike700 gp
40–43Freedom of movement700 gp
44–46Holy smite700 gp
47–51Inflict critical wounds700 gp
52–56Magic weapon, greater700 gp
57–61Neutralize poison700 gp
62–64Order's wrath700 gp
65–68Poison700 gp
69–73Spell immunity700 gp
74–77Spike stones700 gp
78–80Summon monster IV700 gp
81–83Summon nature's ally IV700 gp
84–86Tongues700 gp
87–89Unholy blight700 gp
90–93Divination725 gp
94–96Planar ally, lesser1,200 gp
97–100Restoration1,700 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–04Absorb toxicity700 gp
05–06Antiplant shell700 gp
07–11Aspect of the stag700 gp
12–15Aura of doom700 gp
16–21Ball lightning700 gp
22–25Blessing of fervor700 gp
26–28Blight700 gp
29–31Command plants700 gp
32–35Control water700 gp
36–39Debilitating portent700 gp
40–43Giant vermin700 gp
44–49Ice storm700 gp
50–55Imbue with spell ability700 gp
56–59Plague carrier700 gp
60–63Planar adaptation700 gp
64–67Protection from energy, communal700 gp
68–72Reincarnate700 gp
73–75Repel vermin700 gp
76–78Rusting grasp700 gp
79–83Scrying700 gp
84–87Sending700 gp
88–90Spiritual ally700 gp
91–93Thorn body700 gp
94–98Volcanic storm700 gp
99–100Symbol of slowing1,700 gp
5th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–02Animal growth1,125 gp
03–04Atonement1,125 gp
05–07Baleful polymorph1,125 gp
08–11Break enchantment1,125 gp
12–16Breath of life1,125 gp
17–21Call lightning storm1,125 gp
22–25Command, greater1,125 gp
26–30Cure light wounds, mass1,125 gp
31–34Death ward1,125 gp
35–37Disrupting weapon1,125 gp
38–42Inflict light wounds, mass1,125 gp
43–47Plane shift1,125 gp
48–53Righteous might1,125 gp
54–57Scrying1,125 gp
58–62Slay living1,125 gp
63–67Spell resistance1,125 gp
68–70Summon monster V1,125 gp
71–73Summon nature's ally V1,125 gp
74–75Tree stride1,125 gp
76–77Wall of fire1,125 gp
78–80Wall of stone1,125 gp
81–82Wall of thorns1,125 gp
83–87True seeing1,375 gp
88–91Commune1,625 gp
92–94Awaken3,125 gp
95–100Raise dead6,125 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–03Air walk, communal1,125 gp
04–08Aspect of the wolf1,125 gp
09–11Blessing of the salamander1,125 gp
12–15Cleanse1,125 gp
16–21Commune with nature1,125 gp
22–24Contagion, greater1,125 gp
25–28Control winds1,125 gp
29–31Dispel chaos1,125 gp
32–34Dispel evil1,125 gp
35–37Dispel good1,125 gp
38–40Dispel law1,125 gp
41–43Fickle winds1,125 gp
44–46Forbid action, greater1,125 gp
47–52Insect plague1,125 gp
53–55Life bubble1,125 gp
56–58Mark of justice1,125 gp
59–63Pillar of life1,125 gp
64–66Serenity1,125 gp
67–72Snake staff1,125 gp
73–76Spell immunity, communal1,125 gp
77–79Transmute mud to rock1,125 gp
80–82Transmute rock to mud1,125 gp
83–86Wind blades1,125 gp
87–90Stoneskin1,375 gp
91–92Hallow12,125 gp
93–94Symbol of pain2,125 gp
95–96Symbol of sleep2,125 gp
97–98Unhallow12,125 gp
99Hallow26,125 gp
100Unhallow26,125 gp
1No additional spell included.
24th-level spell included.
6th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–05Bear's endurance, mass1,650 gp
06–11Blade barrier1,650 gp
12–16Bull's strength, mass1,650 gp
17–21Cat's grace, mass1,650 gp
22–27Cure moderate wounds, mass1,650 gp
28–32Dispel magic, greater1,650 gp
33–37Eagle's splendor, mass1,650 gp
38–43Find the path1,650 gp
44–47Fire seeds1,650 gp
48–55Harm1,650 gp
56–63Heal1,650 gp
64–69Heroes' feast1,650 gp
70–74Inflict moderate wounds, mass1,650 gp
75–78Liveoak1,650 gp
79–83Owl's wisdom, mass1,650 gp
84–87Summon monster VI1,650 gp
88–91Summon nature's ally VI1,650 gp
92–96Word of recall1,650 gp
97–100Planar ally2,900 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–05Animate objects1,650 gp
06–09Antilife shell1,650 gp
10–15Banishment1,650 gp
16–19Cold ice strike1,650 gp
20–23Dust form1,650 gp
24–29Geas/quest1,650 gp
30–33Ironwood1,650 gp
34–37Joyful rapture1,650 gp
38–42Move earth1,650 gp
43–46Plague storm1,650 gp
47–51Planar adaptation, mass1,650 gp
52–54Repel wood1,650 gp
55–59Sirocco1,650 gp
60–63Spellstaff1,650 gp
64–67Stone tell1,650 gp
68–70Swarm skin1,650 gp
71–74Tar pool1,650 gp
75–77Transport via plants1,650 gp
78–83Wind walk1,650 gp
84–86Create undead1,750 gp
87–90Glyph of warding, greater2,050 gp
91–92Undeath to death2,150 gp
93–95Symbol of fear2,650 gp
96–98Forbiddance4,650 gp
99–100Symbol of persuasion6,650 gp
7th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–04Blasphemy2,275 gp
05–10Control weather2,275 gp
11–17Creeping doom2,275 gp
18–24Cure serious wounds, mass2,275 gp
25–28Dictum2,275 gp
29–33Ethereal jaunt2,275 gp
34–40Fire storm2,275 gp
41–44Holy word2,275 gp
45–50Inflict serious wounds, mass2,275 gp
51–55Regenerate2,275 gp
56–60Repulsion2,275 gp
61–65Scrying, greater2,275 gp
66–69Summon monster VII2,275 gp
70–73Summon nature's ally VII2,275 gp
74–78Sunbeam2,275 gp
79–82Word of chaos2,275 gp
83–89Destruction2,775 gp
90–94Restoration, greater7,275 gp
95–100Resurrection12,275 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–08Animate plants2,275 gp
09–17Changestaff2,275 gp
18–24Circle of clarity2,275 gp
25–30Create demiplane, lesser2,275 gp
31–38Jolting portent2,275 gp
39–45Rampart2,275 gp
46–53Scouring winds2,275 gp
54–60Siege of trees2,275 gp
61–67Transmute metal to wood2,275 gp
68–76Vortex2,275 gp
77–83Waves of ecstasy2,275 gp
84–89Refuge3,775 gp
90–95Symbol of stunning7,275 gp
96–100Symbol of weakness7,275 gp
8th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–08Antimagic field3,000 gp
09–14Cloak of chaos3,000 gp
15–23Cure critical wounds, mass3,000 gp
24–31Earthquake3,000 gp
32–38Finger of death3,000 gp
39–44Holy aura3,000 gp
45–51Inflict critical wounds, mass3,000 gp
52–59Reverse gravity3,000 gp
60–65Shield of law3,000 gp
66–73Spell immunity, greater3,000 gp
74–78Summon monster VIII3,000 gp
79–83Summon nature's ally VIII3,000 gp
84–89Sunburst3,000 gp
90–95Unholy aura3,000 gp
96–100Planar ally, greater5,500 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–07Animal shapes3,000 gp
08–13Blood mist3,000 gp
14–18Control plants3,000 gp
19–24Create demiplane3,000 gp
25–31Dimensional lock3,000 gp
32–37Discern location3,000 gp
38–42Euphoric tranquility3,000 gp
43–49Frightful aspect3,000 gp
50–56Orb of the void3,000 gp
57–61Repel metal or stone3,000 gp
62–68Seamantle3,000 gp
69–75Storm bolts3,000 gp
76–83Whirlwind3,000 gp
84–88Create greater undead3,150 gp
89–95Symbol of death8,000 gp
96–100Symbol of insanity8,000 gp
9th-Level Divine Scrolls
d%Common ScrollPrice
01–07Elemental swarm3,825 gp
08–15Energy drain3,825 gp
16–22Etherealness3,825 gp
23–30Gate3,825 gp
31–40Heal, mass3,825 gp
41–48Implosion3,825 gp
49–58Miracle3,825 gp
59–65Shambler3,825 gp
66–73Shapechange3,825 gp
74–81Storm of vengeance3,825 gp
82–87Summon monster IX3,825 gp
88–93Summon nature's ally IX3,825 gp
94–100True resurrection28,825 gp
d%Uncommon ScrollPrice
01–08Antipathy3,825 gp
09–15Clashing rocks3,825 gp
16–22Create demiplane, greater3,825 gp
23–31Foresight3,825 gp
32–39Overwhelming presence3,825 gp
40–47Polar midnight3,825 gp
48–56Soul bind3,825 gp
57–64Spell immunity, greater3,825 gp
65–71Summon froghemoth3,825 gp
72–80Winds of vengeance3,825 gp
81–87World wave3,825 gp
88–94Astral projection4,825 gp
95–100Sympathy5,325 gp
Random Wands
Lesser MinorGreater MinorLesser MediumGreater MediumLesser MajorGreater MajorSpell LevelCaster Level
Type of Wand
d%Wand Type
0-Level Wands
d%Common WandPrice
01–07Acid splash375 gp
08–14Create water375 gp
15–20Daze375 gp
21–28Detect magic375 gp
29–34Ghost sound375 gp
35–42Light375 gp
43–49Mage hand375 gp
50–55Mending375 gp
56–60Message375 gp
61–66Prestidigitation375 gp
67–73Purify food and drink375 gp
74–81Ray of frost375 gp
82–88Read magic375 gp
89–95Stabilize375 gp
96–100Touch of fatigue375 gp
d%Uncommon WandPrice
01–06Arcane mark375 gp
07–15Bleed375 gp
16–22Dancing lights375 gp
23–31Detect poison375 gp
32–40Disrupt undead375 gp
41–48Flare375 gp
49–56Guidance375 gp
57–65Know direction375 gp
66–73Lullaby375 gp
74–79Open/close375 gp
80–86Resistance375 gp
87–94Spark375 gp
95–100Virtue375 gp
1st-Level Wands
d%Common WandPrice
01–02Alarm750 gp
03Animate rope750 gp
04–05Bane750 gp
06–11Bless750 gp
12–14Burning hands750 gp
15–17Cause fear750 gp
18–19Charm person750 gp
20–21Color spray750 gp
22–23Command750 gp
24Comprehend languages750 gp
25–31Cure light wounds750 gp
32–33Disguise self750 gp
34–37Divine favor750 gp
38Endure elements750 gp
39–41Enlarge person750 gp
42–43Entangle750 gp
44–45Expeditious retreat750 gp
46Feather fall750 gp
47–48Grease750 gp
49–50Identify750 gp
51–52Inflict light wounds750 gp
53–58Mage armor750 gp
59–60Magic fang750 gp
61–67Magic missile750 gp
68Magic stone750 gp
69–70Magic weapon750 gp
71Obscuring mist750 gp
72–73Produce flame750 gp
74Protection from chaos750 gp
75Protection from evil750 gp
76Protection from good750 gp
77Protection from law750 gp
78–79Ray of enfeeblement750 gp
80–81Remove fear750 gp
82–84Shield750 gp
85–86Shield of faith750 gp
87Shillelagh750 gp
88–89Shocking grasp750 gp
90Silent image750 gp
91–94Sleep750 gp
95Summon monster I750 gp
96Summon nature's ally I750 gp
97–99True strike750 gp
100Unseen servant750 gp
d%Uncommon WandPrice
01–02Ant haul750 gp
03–05Aspect of the falcon750 gp
06–07Bless weapon750 gp
08Calm animals750 gp
09–10Charm animal750 gp
11–12Chill touch750 gp
13–14Compel hostility750 gp
15–17Confusion, lesser750 gp
18–19Corrosive touch750 gp
20–21Deathwatch750 gp
22Detect animals or plants750 gp
23Detect chaos750 gp
24Detect evil750 gp
25Detect good750 gp
26Detect law750 gp
27–28Detect secret doors750 gp
29Detect snares and pits750 gp
30–31Detect undead750 gp
32–35Doom750 gp
36–37Entropic shield750 gp
38Erase750 gp
39Faerie fire750 gp
40–41Feather step750 gp
42–44Floating disk750 gp
45–47Goodberry750 gp
48–49Hide from animals750 gp
50–51Hide from undead750 gp
52Hideous laughter750 gp
53–54Hold portal750 gp
55–56Hypnotism750 gp
57–58Icicle dagger750 gp
59–60Ill omen750 gp
61–63Jump750 gp
64–65Longstrider750 gp
66Magic aura750 gp
67–68Mount750 gp
69Obscure object750 gp
70–71Pass without trace750 gp
72Ray of sickening750 gp
73–75Reduce person750 gp
76–78Sanctuary750 gp
79–80Shock shield750 gp
81–83Speak with animals750 gp
84–85Stone fist750 gp
86–87Stone shield750 gp
88Summon minor monster750 gp
89Undetectable alignment750 gp
90–92Urban grace750 gp
93–96Vanish750 gp
97Ventriloquism750 gp
98Magic mouth1,250 gp
99Bless water2,000 gp
100Curse water2,000 gp
2nd-Level Wands
d%Common WandPrice
01–02Acid arrow4,500 gp
03Aid4,500 gp
04–05Alter self4,500 gp
06–07Barkskin4,500 gp
08–10Bear's endurance4,500 gp
11Blur4,500 gp
12–14Bull's strength4,500 gp
15–16Cat's grace4,500 gp
17–22Cure moderate wounds4,500 gp
23–25Darkness4,500 gp
26Darkvision4,500 gp
27Delay poison4,500 gp
28–29Eagle's splendor4,500 gp
30False life4,500 gp
31Find traps4,500 gp
32Flame blade4,500 gp
33Flaming sphere4,500 gp
34–35Fog cloud4,500 gp
36–37Fox's cunning4,500 gp
38Glitterdust4,500 gp
39–40Heat metal4,500 gp
41–43Hold person4,500 gp
44–46Inflict moderate wounds4,500 gp
47–51Invisibility4,500 gp
52Knock4,500 gp
53–54Levitate4,500 gp
55Minor image4,500 gp
56–57Mirror image4,500 gp
58–59Owl's wisdom4,500 gp
60Pyrotechnics4,500 gp
61Remove paralysis4,500 gp
62–64Resist energy4,500 gp
65–66Restoration, lesser4,500 gp
67–71Scorching ray4,500 gp
72–73See invisibility4,500 gp
74Shatter4,500 gp
75–76Shield other4,500 gp
77–78Silence4,500 gp
79–81Sound burst4,500 gp
82–83Spider climb4,500 gp
84–86Spiritual weapon4,500 gp
87–88Summon monster II4,500 gp
89–90Summon nature's ally II4,500 gp
91–92Summon swarm4,500 gp
93–96Web4,500 gp
97Whispering wind4,500 gp
98–99Augury5,750 gp
100Fire trap5,750 gp
d%Uncommon WandPrice
01–02Align weapon4,500 gp
03–05Animal aspect4,500 gp
06Animal messenger4,500 gp
07Animal trance4,500 gp
08–10Aspect of the bear4,500 gp
11–13Bestow weapon proficiency4,500 gp
14–15Blindness/deafness4,500 gp
16–18Burning gaze4,500 gp
19–21Calm emotions4,500 gp
22–24Chill metal4,500 gp
25Command undead4,500 gp
26–27Daze monster4,500 gp
28–29Death knell4,500 gp
30–32Defensive shock4,500 gp
33Delay pain4,500 gp
34–35Detect thoughts4,500 gp
36–39Disguise other4,500 gp
40–42Effortless armor4,500 gp
43–46Elemental touch4,500 gp
47–48Enthrall4,500 gp
49–50Gentle repose4,500 gp
51Ghoul touch4,500 gp
52–53Glide4,500 gp
54–55Groundswell4,500 gp
56Gust of wind4,500 gp
57Hold animal4,500 gp
58–59Hypnotic pattern4,500 gp
60Locate object4,500 gp
61Make whole4,500 gp
62–63Misdirection4,500 gp
64–65Oppressive boredom4,500 gp
66Protection from arrows4,500 gp
67Reduce animal4,500 gp
68–69Rope trick4,500 gp
70–72Scare4,500 gp
73–74Share language4,500 gp
75–76Soften earth and stone4,500 gp
77–78Spectral hand4,500 gp
79–80Status4,500 gp
81–82Tongues4,500 gp
83–84Touch of idiocy4,500 gp
85–86Tree shape4,500 gp
87–88Warp wood4,500 gp
89–91Weapon of awe4,500 gp
92–93Wood shape4,500 gp
94–95Zone of truth4,500 gp
96Arcane lock5,750 gp
97Consecrate5,750 gp
98Desecrate5,750 gp
99Continual flame7,000 gp
100Phantom trap7,000 gp
3rd-Level Wands
d%Common WandPrice
01–02Beast shape I11,250 gp
03–04Blink11,250 gp
05–07Call lightning11,250 gp
08Create food and water11,250 gp
09–14Cure serious wounds11,250 gp
15–16Daylight11,250 gp
17–18Deep slumber11,250 gp
19–20Deeper darkness11,250 gp
21–25Dispel magic11,250 gp
26–28Displacement11,250 gp
29–34Fireball11,250 gp
35Flame arrow11,250 gp
36–37Fly11,250 gp
38Gaseous form11,250 gp
39–40Haste11,250 gp
41–42Heroism11,250 gp
43–45Inflict serious wounds11,250 gp
46–47Invisibility purge11,250 gp
48Invisibility sphere11,250 gp
49–50Keen edge11,250 gp
51–55Lightning bolt11,250 gp
56Magic circle against chaos11,250 gp
57Magic circle against evil11,250 gp
58Magic circle against good11,250 gp
59Magic circle against law11,250 gp
60Magic fang, greater11,250 gp
61–62Magic vestment11,250 gp
63–64Magic weapon, greater11,250 gp
65–66Major image11,250 gp
67–70Prayer11,250 gp
71–74Protection from energy11,250 gp
75Remove blindness/deafness11,250 gp
76–77Remove curse11,250 gp
78–79Remove disease11,250 gp
80–82Searing light11,250 gp
83Sleet storm11,250 gp
84–85Slow11,250 gp
86–87Speak with dead11,250 gp
88–89Stinking cloud11,250 gp
90Stone shape11,250 gp
91–92Suggestion11,250 gp
93Summon monster III11,250 gp
94Summon nature's ally III11,250 gp
95–97Vampiric touch11,250 gp
98–99Water breathing11,250 gp
100Animate dead23,750 gp
d%Uncommon WandPrice
01–04Animal aspect, greater11,250 gp
05–06Aqueous orb11,250 gp
07–08Arcane sight11,250 gp
09–11Archon's aura11,250 gp
12–14Ash storm11,250 gp
15–17Bestow curse11,250 gp
18–20Clairaudience/clairvoyance11,250 gp
21–22Contagion11,250 gp
23Diminish plants11,250 gp
24–25Dominate animal11,250 gp
26–29Elemental aura11,250 gp
30Explosive runes11,250 gp
31–34Force punch11,250 gp
35Halt undead11,250 gp
36–37Helping hand11,250 gp
38–40Hostile levitation11,250 gp
41–43Howling agony11,250 gp
44–45Hydraulic torrent11,250 gp
46Mad monkeys11,250 gp
47–49Meld into stone11,250 gp
50–52Neutralize poison11,250 gp
53–54Pain strike11,250 gp
55Phantom steed11,250 gp
56–57Plant growth11,250 gp
58–60Poison11,250 gp
61Quench11,250 gp
62–65Rage11,250 gp
66–67Ray of exhaustion11,250 gp
68–69Resinous skin11,250 gp
70Secret page11,250 gp
71Shrink item11,250 gp
72–73Snare11,250 gp
74Speak with plants11,250 gp
75–76Spike growth11,250 gp
77Tiny hut11,250 gp
78–81Water walk11,250 gp
82–84Wind wall11,250 gp
85–86Wrathful mantle11,250 gp
87Illusory script13,750 gp
88–89Nondetection13,750 gp
90–91Glibness15,750 gp
92–95Good hope15,750 gp
96–97Heal mount15,750 gp
98Sculpt sound15,750 gp
99Glyph of warding21,250 gp
100Sepia snake sigil36,250 gp
4th-Level Wands
d%Common WandPrice
01–02Air walk21,000 gp
03–04Beast shape II21,000 gp
05–07Black tentacles21,000 gp
08Chaos hammer21,000 gp
09–11Charm monster21,000 gp
12–14Confusion21,000 gp
15–16Crushing despair21,000 gp
17–22Cure critical wounds21,000 gp
23–24Death ward21,000 gp
25–28Dimension door21,000 gp
29Dimensional anchor21,000 gp
30Dismissal21,000 gp
31–33Divine power21,000 gp
34–35Elemental body I21,000 gp
36–37Enervation21,000 gp
38–39Enlarge person, mass21,000 gp
40–42Fear21,000 gp
43–44Fire shield21,000 gp
45–48Flame strike21,000 gp
49–51Freedom of movement21,000 gp
52–53Globe of invulnerability, lesser21,000 gp
54Holy smite21,000 gp
55–56Ice storm21,000 gp
57–58Imbue with spell ability21,000 gp
59–61Inflict critical wounds21,000 gp
62–65Invisibility, greater21,000 gp
66Order's wrath21,000 gp
67–69Phantasmal killer21,000 gp
70Resilient sphere21,000 gp
71–72Scrying21,000 gp
73Sending21,000 gp
74Shout21,000 gp
75–76Solid fog21,000 gp
77–79Spell immunity21,000 gp
80Summon monster IV21,000 gp
81Summon nature's ally IV21,000 gp
82Unholy blight21,000 gp
83–87Wall of fire21,000 gp
88–91Wall of ice21,000 gp
92–93Divination22,250 gp
94–95Restoration26,000 gp
96Break enchantment30,000 gp
97–98Stoneskin33,500 gp
99Planar ally, lesser46,000 gp
100Restoration*71,000 gp
d%Uncommon WandPrice
01Antiplant shell21,000 gp
02–04Arcane eye21,000 gp
05–07Aspect of the stag21,000 gp
08–11Ball lightning21,000 gp
12Blight21,000 gp
13Command plants21,000 gp
14–15Control water21,000 gp
16–18Darkvision, greater21,000 gp
19Detect scrying21,000 gp
20Discern lies21,000 gp
21–24Dragon's breath21,000 gp
25–28False life, greater21,000 gp
29–30Geas, lesser21,000 gp
31–34Ghost wolf21,000 gp
35–36Giant vermin21,000 gp
37Hallucinatory terrain21,000 gp
38Illusory wall21,000 gp
39–40Locate creature21,000 gp
41–42Minor creation21,000 gp
43Mnemonic enhancer21,000 gp
44–46Obsidian flow21,000 gp
47–48Rainbow pattern21,000 gp
49–50Reduce person, mass21,000 gp
51–53Reincarnate21,000 gp
54Repel vermin21,000 gp
55–56Ride the waves21,000 gp
57–59Rusting grasp21,000 gp
60Secure shelter21,000 gp
61–63Shadow conjuration21,000 gp
64–67Shadow step21,000 gp
68–70Shocking image21,000 gp
71–74Spike stones21,000 gp
75–76Volcanic storm21,000 gp
77–79Wandering star motes21,000 gp
80Animal growth30,000 gp
81–82Commune with nature30,000 gp
83Dispel chaos30,000 gp
84Dispel evil30,000 gp
85–87Dominate person30,000 gp
88–91Hold monster30,000 gp
92–94Holy sword30,000 gp
95Mark of justice30,000 gp
96–97Modify memory30,000 gp
98Tree stride30,000 gp
99Zone of silence30,000 gp
100Legend lore33,500 gp
*Can dispel permanent negative levels.

Gems and Jewelry

Principally used to make trinkets and adorn objects, gems may also serve as a compact form of currency, and jewelry can be an efficient way to store treasure. Gems can be found uncut or not set within jewelry. They are often used to adorn walls and statues, and can be plucked from their settings.

There are two main categories of gemstones: semi-precious and precious gems. Most types of gems are semi-precious. Only a select number of gems are considered precious and fetch incredible prices. Some gems, such as those found in mines or quarries, are found in their unworked state. In general, an unworked gemstone is worth half as much as a worked gemstone of the same type.

Gems and jewelry can be bought or sold at their total value, and are sometimes used as currency. For simplicity's sake, assume that 50 gems weigh 1 pound.

Generating Gems

When randomly determining gems, roll on the appropriate grade chart. To determine the gemstone's total value, roll the added value and add it to the base value. If you would prefer the average value instead, simply double the base value.

In addition, if the roll to determine the type of gem is an odd roll, the gem is unworked, which means its value is equal to half the total value of a normal gem of that type, but it can made into a worked gem with a successful Craft (jewelry) check of the appropriate DC based on the gem's grade (the gem counts as the raw material cost, so the crafter need not pay that amount). On an even roll, the gem is worked, can't be improved upon, and is worth the listed cost.

Random Gems
d%Least Semi-Precious Gem (Craft DC 10)Base ValueAdded Value
01–08Agate5 gp+2d4 gp
09–14Alabaster5 gp+2d4 gp
14–20Azurite5 gp+2d4 gp
21–26Hematite5 gp+2d4 gp
27–34Lapis lazuli5 gp+2d4 gp
35–40Malachite5 gp+2d4 gp
41–48Obsidian5 gp+2d4 gp
49–56Pearl, irregular freshwater5 gp+2d4 gp
57–62Pyrite5 gp+2d4 gp
63–70Rhodochrosite5 gp+2d4 gp
71–78Quartz, rock crystal 5 gp+2d4 gp
79–84Shell5 gp+2d4 gp
85–92Tigereye5 gp+2d4 gp
93–100Turquoise5 gp+2d4 gp
d%Lesser Semi-Precious Gem (Craft DC 12)Base ValueAdded Value
01–06Bloodstone25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
07–12Carnelian25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
13–18Chrysoprase25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
19–24Citrine25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
25–32Ivory25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
33–38Jasper25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
39–44Moonstone25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
45–50Onyx25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
51–56Peridot25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
57–74Quartz, milky, rose, or smoky25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
75–80Sard25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
81–86Sardonyx25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
87–92Spinel, red or green25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
94–100Zircon25 gp+2d4 × 5 gp
d%Semi-Precious Gem (Craft DC 15)Base ValueAdded Value
01–10Amber50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
11–20Amethyst50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
21–30Chrysoberyl50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
31–40Coral50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
41–50Garnet50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
51–60Jade50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
61–70Jet50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
71–80Pearl, saltwater50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
81–90Spinel, deep blue50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
91–100Tourmaline50 gp+2d4 × 10 gp
d%Greater Semi-Precious Gem (Craft DC 20)Base ValueAdded Value
01–25Aquamarine250 gp+2d4 × 50 gp
26–50Opal250 gp+2d4 × 50 gp
51–75Pearl, black250 gp+2d4 × 50 gp
76–100Topaz250 gp+2d4 × 50 gp
d%Lesser Precious Gem (Craft DC 25)Base ValueAdded Value
01–25Diamond, small500 gp+2d4 × 100 gp
26–50Emerald500 gp+2d4 × 100 gp
51–75Ruby, small500 gp+2d4 × 100 gp
76–100Sapphire500 gp+2d4 × 100 gp
d%Greater Precious Gem (5,000 gp; Craft DC 25)Base ValueAdded Value
01–25Diamond, large2,500 gp+2d4 × 500 gp
26–50Emerald, brilliant green2,500 gp+2d4 × 500 gp
51–75Ruby, large2,500 gp+2d4 × 500 gp
76–100Sapphire, star2,500 gp+2d4 × 500 gp

Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones can be very valuable, but tend to be more muddled or less brilliant than precious stones. They also come in more varieties. Semi-precious stones can be made into jewelry such as rings and amulets, used to decorate items like beads and buttons, or crafted into cameos and small gem figurines.

Agate: These banded stones are a variety of quartz, and take on a variety of shapes and patterns.

Alabaster: This white- to cream-colored stone is thinly cut to create decorative surfaces or shaped into small objects.

Amber: Derived from golden-yellow to golden-orange fossilized tree resin, pieces of amber sometimes contain insects, pine needles, and even more exotic flora and fauna.

Amethyst: This rare purple or mauve quartz is thought by some to ward off drunkenness, and is thus held in particularly high esteem by lushes and winos.

Aquamarine: These blue or sea green crystals are often faceted to show off their luster and reflective qualities.

Azurite: This blue copper mineral is produced after copper deposits are exposed to the elements for a long time, and is used to make blue dyes as well as jewelry.

Bloodstone: This variety of chalcedony is green and dotted with blood red jasper, and is also called heliotrope.

Carnelian: This translucent red or orange mineral is most often polished to create beads, decorative pieces, and cameos.

Chrysoberyl: These hard gemstones can be green, greenish yellow, or yellow brown. They are brilliant when cut, but often lack the fire of more precious stones.

Chrysoprase: This apple-green decorative stone is sometimes confused with jade, and is used both decoratively and in the creation of cameos.

Citrine: This pale yellow to golden yellow stone is a type of quartz and is used to create faceted gemstones and decorative objects.

Coral: Borne from the sea, coral is not a true mineral, but is the red, blue, or black skeletal remains of minute marine animals called coral polyps.

Garnet: These gems come in a variety of colors, from red and orange to yellow and green. They are commonly faceted to set into jewelry.

Hematite: These stones have a dark and metallic luster, and are the chief source of mined iron.

Ivory: Ivory comes from the teeth or tusks of elephants, hippopotamuses, boars, and some whales, and is carved to create both decorative and functional items.

Jade: This bright to dull green stone is carved and polished to create decorative pieces, small carved statues or objects, and various ornaments.

Jasper: This stone comes in shades of brown, red, yellow, green, and rarely blue. Sometimes it is striped. It is often carved and polished to make decorative pieces such as vases and amulets.

Jet: This fossil stone is dark gray to black, and is formed from decaying wood that has been under great pressure for millions of years.

Lapis Lazuli: This spotted blue stone is a composed of several different minerals, primarily lazurite.

Malachite: This opaque green stone is often banded with paler hues. It is made up of crystals that are too small to be faceted, but can be polished into striking decorative items.

Moonstone: This clear stone's namesake comes from its blue-white sheen, though some cultures believe the gem comes from the moon itself.

Obsidian: This natural volcanic glass is often black, but blue, brown, green, red, and gray obsidian also exist. It is carved and polished into decorative items, and holds a sharp edge that makes it suitable for primitive blades.

Onyx: This stone features curved bands of black, white, and brown minerals. It is used to make decorative objects.

Opal: Found in white, black, and orange colors, the orange variety is often called a fire opal. Sometimes opals feature iridescent flashes of other colors. They can be both faceted and used to create decorative items and cameos.

Pearl: Formed by various types of shellfish, pearls are created when grit gets stuck inside a creature's shell for an extended amount of time. Freshwater pearls tend to be irregular in shape, while saltwater pearls are typically a lustrous white and more evenly shaped. Black pearls are the rarest of pearls.

Peridot: These olive green gems have an oily or greasy luster to them.

Quartz: This common gem comes in a variety of forms. The nearly clear form of quartz is also known as rock crystal, and is the most common kind of quartz. Rose quartz has a pinkish hue, while smoky quartz is of a hazy brown color and is sometimes called brown quartz. As its name implies, milky quartz a milky white color. Quartz is very versatile, and can be carved, faceted, and crafted into decorative items.

Rhodochrosite: These pink- and white-banded stones can be shaped into decorative items and cameos.

Sard: This brownish red stone is often translucent and features patchy coloring.

Sardonyx: This banded mix of sard and onyx is used to make decorative pieces and cameos.

Shell: Shells come in many forms, and can be fashioned into decorative items or cameos. Sometimes a shell is beautiful enough to be considered worked even in its natural form.

Spinel: Found in pink, blue, red, and star stone varieties, the most popular form of spinel is red, which is sometimes confused with a ruby.

Tigereye: This golden and brown striped stone, when polished, looks like a cat's eye.

Topaz: These transparent gems range wildly in color. They can be golden yellow, pink, gray, blue, or green, and are almost always faceted for fitting into jewelry.

Tourmaline: These transparent stones can be crimson, blue, brown, or clear. They are almost always faceted for jewelry, especially rings and necklaces.

Turquoise: This common gem is typically brilliant blue but is sometimes greenish blue. It is used to create decorative items, small figures, and cameos.

Zircon: Clear varieties of this stone are often mistaken for diamonds, but are softer and often flawed. Zircon can be clear, green, golden, or brown.

Precious Stones

Precious stones are the most highly sought after gems. They are typically faceted, and are popular choices for use in fine jewelry.

Diamond: The most popular diamonds are clear, but they can also be golden, pale pink, pink-red, gray-green, or even black. Among the hardest of minerals, only other diamonds can cut these gems. These gems are nearly always faceted.

Emerald: These beautiful green gems are rarely flawless, with only brilliant green specimens being truly void of defects or impurities. These gems can be polished into decorative items, but are more often faceted for jewelry.

Ruby: Only slightly softer than diamonds, these striking gemstones comes in numerous shades of red, and are often faceted but sometimes shaped and polished into decorative items.

Sapphire: Sapphires are structurally almost identical to rubies, but are not red. While they can take on many colors, blue is the most highly sought after kind of sapphire. The most expensive sapphires are star sapphires.

Creating Jewelry

Jewelry consists of worn ornamental pieces typically adorned with gemstones. To determine the price of a piece of simple jewelry with a single gemstone, treat the piece of jewelry as one grade higher to determine its price (5,000 gp plus 2d4 × 1,000 gp for a grade 6 gemstone). For ornate jewelry with a large number of gemstones (typically 2d6 gemstones of one grade and one gemstone of a grade higher than the others), determine the highest grade gemstone in the item and price the item as if it were two grades higher (25,000 gp plus 2d4 × 5,000 gp for a grade 6 gemstone).

Pieces of jewelry without gemstones are typical worth 10 gp (in the case of copper or silver jewelry), 50 gp (in the case of gold or platinum jewelry), or 100 gp (in the case of mithral, adamantine, or more exotic metals).

Jewelry can be created with a successful Craft (jewelry) check with a DC corresponding to the highest-grade gem in the jewelry or material, but unlike gems, jewelry requires the appropriate raw materials to craft.

Art Objects

An art object is an item that has value not because of its function, but because of its aesthetics or the historical, religious, or sentimental value placed upon it by a particular culture. The following tables list art objects of value in a traditional fantasy campaign. In some cases, the listed price represents only the typical value of an item; it may have a higher value to a buyer who knows its origin or is descended from the original owner. For example, a painting of a historical queen may fetch a decent price in her home country, but it sells for much more if brought to an agent of the royal family. Likewise, a silver baby rattle is worth a certain amount as a curiosity or plaything for a wealthy merchant's son, but a historian might recognize markings on it that indicate it belonged to an infant prince who was killed in a succession war, and pay a higher price for it. In this way, an art object may easily be used as a plot hook.

The following listings are just examples of art objects. Feel free to alter the shape or nature of an object to make found objects more unique or to suit a campaign. For example, a gold chess set can serve as a different board game, or even a set of soldiers for a prince's war games. A painting of a princess could instead be of a wealthy merchant or beloved religious or musical figure. A comb can be a hairbrush, a chalice can be a goblet, a bowl can be a plate, and so on. When creating new variants for these items, thinking in terms of race, religion, and nationality can inspire countless ideas—a comb may be a dwarven beard-tie, a holy symbol may be of a heretical cult, and a lion statue may be a bear statue to match a country's flag.

Art objects can usually be bought or sold for their base price, and are sometimes used as currency.

Random Art Objects
d%Grade 1 Art Object (Avg Value 50 gp)Price
01–05Bronze statuette of a warrior15 gp
06Elaborate copper wind chimes20 gp
07Painted paper fan with silver slats20 gp
08–09Copper and glass decanter25 gp
10–17Silver holy symbol25 gp
18–21Carved stone idol30 gp
22–25Set of six ivory dice30 gp
26–29Ivory bowl with animal carvings40 gp
30Porcelain doll with silk clothing40 gp
31–32Porcelain mask40 gp
33–36Bronze flagon with warrior images50 gp
37–39Copper brazier with religious markings50 gp
40–42Copper scepter with gold inlay50 gp
43–44Crystal egg with silver stand50 gp
45–46Painting of a noblewoman50 gp
47–51Polished darkwood chalice50 gp
52Silver baby rattle50 gp
53–55Silver chess set50 gp
56–60Carved ivory scroll case60 gp
61–66Decorated silver plate60 gp
67–71Ivory drinking horn with copper ends60 gp
72–74Silver noble family seal60 gp
75–80Silver statue of a dragon65 gp
81–83Electrum censer with silver filigree70 gp
84–87Silver candelabra with holy symbol75 gp
88–90Silver comb with ornate handle75 gp
91–93Silver hand mirror75 gp
94–96Crystal skull80 gp
97Ornate silver flute80 gp
98–100Engraved jade scarab85 gp
d%Grade 2 Art Object (Avg Value 100 gp)Price
01–02Elaborate silver wind chimes60 gp
03–08Engraved gold scarab75 gp
09–10Painted silk fan with electrum slats75 gp
11–12Preserved beast head on a plaque75 gp
13–17Set of six silver dice75 gp
18–20Silver and glass decanter75 gp
21–22Silver bowl with lion engravings75 gp
23–26Silver mask75 gp
27–30Carved jade idol80 gp
31Porcelain doll with furs and jewelry80 gp
32–35Silver brazier with religious markings80 gp
36–38Silver flagon with religious markings80 gp
39–41Gold censer with silver filigree90 gp
42–44Gold and silver chess set100 gp
45Gold baby rattle100 gp
46–53Gold holy symbol100 gp
54–56Masterwork lyre100 gp
57–58Painting of a princess100 gp
59–61Silver cup with royal crest100 gp
62–65Decorated electrum plate110 gp
66–69Gold statue of a dragon110 gp
70–72Gold statue of a lion110 gp
73–77Ivory drinking horn with silver ends110 gp
78–81Gold and silver hand mirror120 gp
82–85Silver cauldron with animal symbols120 gp
86–88Silver comb with gold handle125 gp
89–90Silver egg with dragon figurine125 gp
91–92Silver scepter with eagle symbols125 gp
93–97Silver chalice with dragon carvings150 gp
98–100Gold candelabra with holy symbol200 gp
d%Grade 3 Art Object (Avg Value 500 gp)Price
01–03Gilded demon skull300 gp
04–13Marble idol300 gp
14–19Masterwork darkwood lute300 gp
20–24Engraved mithral scarab400 gp
25–28Gold and ivory decanter400 gp
29–32Gold bowl with dragon engravings400 gp
33–35Gold censer with platinum inlay400 gp
36–41Gold mask450 gp
42Gold and mithral baby rattle500 gp
43–48Gold chess set500 gp
49–51Gold flagon with religious markings500 gp
52–56Gold puzzle box500 gp
57–65Platinum holy symbol500 gp
66–69Gold cup with royal crest550 gp
70–77Gold chalice with griffon carvings600 gp
78–81Mithral scepter with gold inlay600 gp
82–88Decorated gold plate700 gp
89–93Gold and platinum statuette of a deity750 gp
94–96Gold cauldron with alchemical symbols750 gp
97–100Painting of a queen750 gp
d%Grade 4 Art Object (Avg Value 1,000 gp)Price
01–05Engraved platinum scarab700 gp
06–11Gilded dragon skull800 gp
12–18Platinum bowl with arcane engravings800 gp
19–22Platinum censer with ornate markings800 gp
23–26Gold decanter with grape vine patterns850 gp
27–31Platinum mask900 gp
32–36Gold and mithral chess set1,000 gp
37–41Gold and platinum orrery1,000 gp
42–46Gold flute1,000 gp
47–51Gold idol with strange carvings1,000 gp
52Platinum baby rattle1,000 gp
53–55Platinum holy symbol of a famous priest1,000 gp
56–64Decorated platinum plate1,100 gp
65–68Platinum cauldron with odd symbols1,100 gp
69–71Platinum flagon with religious markings1,100 gp
72–77Platinum cup with royal crest1,200 gp
78–81Platinum scepter with gold inlay1,200 gp
82–87Platinum chalice with angel carvings1,250 gp
88–93Platinum statuette of a deity1,300 gp
94–100Painting of a queen by a master 1,500 gp
d%Grade 5 Art Object (Avg Value 5,000 gp)Price
01–08Book of lost songs by a famous bard3,000 gp
09–16Darkwood and platinum music box4,000 gp
17–26Mithral hourglass with diamond dust4,000 gp
27–34Jeweled egg with epic sorcerer's blood4,500 gp
35–37Gold urn containing hero's ashes5,000 gp
38–45Helm carved from a pit fiend skull5,000 gp
46–55Holy text penned by a saint5,000 gp
56–65Painting of a beloved queen by a master5,000 gp
66–74Platinum idol with mysterious markings5,000 gp
75–77Bejeweled sword of state6,000 gp
78–83Carved saint's femur6,000 gp
84–88Platinum chalice blessed by a saint6,000 gp
89–91Glowing metallic meteor6,500 gp
92–97Gold bejeweled royal orb7,000 gp
98–100Crystallized dragon heart7,500 gp
d%Grade 6 Art Object (Avg Value 10,000 gp)Price
01–06Frozen vampire soul7,000 gp
07–13Mithral-inlaid unicorn horn7,000 gp
14–16Crystallized god breath10,000 gp
17–22Essence of truth10,000 gp
23–31Globe of pristine air10,000 gp
32–40Heart of the mountain10,000 gp
41–46Inverted soul gem10,000 gp
47–55Orb of living water10,000 gp
56–64Shard of pure fire10,000 gp
65–72Unmelting ice10,000 gp
73–79Time jewel11,000 gp
80–83Adamantine poiuyt12,000 gp
84–89Holy text written in saint's blood12,000 gp
90–93Mithral tribar12,000 gp
94–100Ethereal tapestry13,000 gp