Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Spells With New Descriptors

Curse: bestow curse, blindness/deafness, brand, brand (greater), crafter's curse, cup of dust, feast of ashes, geas (lesser), geas/quest, ill omen, mark of justice, nature's exile, oracle's burden, rest eternal.

Disease: contagion, pox pustules.

Emotion: antipathy, aura of greater courage, bane, blessing of courage and life, calm animals, calm emotions, castigate, castigate (mass), cause fear, crushing despair, doom, euphoric tranquility, eyebite, fear, forced repentance, good hope, hunter's howl, moonstruck, phantasmal killer, phantasmal revenge, rage, rally point, scare, shared wrath, symbol of fear, sympathy, weapon of awe, weird, wrath.

Pain: eyebite, pain strike, pain strike (mass), repel vermin, retribution, symbol of pain.

Poison: accelerate poison, cloudkill, ghoul touch (stench aspect only), poison, putrefy food and drink, stinking cloud, transmute potion to poison, venomous bolt.

Shadow: project image, shades, shadow conjuration, shadow conjuration (greater), shadow evocation, shadow evocation (greater), shadow walk.

Updated Improved Familiar List

Table: Updated Improved Familiar List
FamiliarAlignmentArcane Spellcaster Level
Arbiter inevitableLawful neutral7th
Cacodaemon daemonNeutral evil7th
Cassisian angelNeutral good7th
Celestial hawk1Neutral good3rd
Cythnigot qlippothChaotic evil7th
Dire ratNeutral3rd
Elemental, Small (any type)Neutral5th
Entropic monkey1Chaotic neutral3rd
Fiendish viper1Neutral evil3rd
ImpLawful evil7th
Lyrakien azataChaotic good7th
Mephit (any type)Neutral7th
Nuglub gremlinChaotic evil7th
Paracletus aeonNeutral7th
PseudodragonNeutral good7th
QuasitChaotic evil7th
Resolute owl1Lawful neutral3rd
Silvanshee agathionNeutral good7th
Voidworm proteanChaotic neutral7th

1Or other celestial, entropic, fiendish, or resolute animal from the standard familiar list.
2The master must first create the homunculus.