Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

PRD Updates

The Pathfinder Reference Document contains all errata to the Roleplaying Game line of products as of 9/30/2015, and errata from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide as of 12/16/2014.


12/23/2015 - Added content from Pathfinder Unchained and Occult Adventures. Added improved Feat index for better usability. Corrected reported bugs and issues from reporting thread.

10/16/2015 - Updated bugs from our reporting thread and improvements to the global Bestiary Index and Spell Index.

9/30/2015 - Bug fixes and errata.

8/20/2015 - Added errata from third printing of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat.

7/29/2015 - Bug fixes and errata.

1/7/2015 - Monster Codex Open Game Content added. Removed iScroll and made style adjustments for tables and minor layout style changes.


12/16/2014 - Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide second printing errata added.

11/10/2014 - Bestiary 3 second printing errata and support thread fixes.

10/03/2014 - Advanced Class Guide Open Game Content and minor support thread fixes.

8/22/2014 - Updated with fixes for all current issue reports in the current PRD reporting thread, except for: table scrolling on certain larger tables.

8/15/2014 - Gen Con is upon us! Bestiary 4 and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide have been added. Navigation elements and behind-the-scenes changes have been made to improve mobile experience.

1/22/2014 - Ultimate Combat second printing errata and GameMastery Guide third printing errata added.


10/29/2013 - Mythic Adventures Open Game Content added.

7/01/2013 - Ultimate Campaign Open Game Content added.

5/30/2013 - Pathfinder Core Rulebook six pritning errata.

1/18/2013 - Ultimate Equipment and NPC Codex Open Game Content added. Spells and feats from the Advanced Race Guide have been added to the global indexes.


8/29/2012 - Added Advanced Race Guide Open Game Content, combined monster pages for Bestiaries, minor style changes and added fixes from support thread.

7/16/2012 - Bestiary 2 second printing errata and support thread fixes.

3/30/2012 - Ultimate Magic second printing errata and support thread fixes.

3/15/2012 - Fixes from support thread up to date. Linked combat tables and improved visibility of pages on iPad.

1/25/2012 Addition of Bestiary 3 Open Game Content. Pages for animal companions added to both the Bestiary and Bestiary 2. Minor fixes from support thread applied.


11/30/2011 - Core Rulebook fifth printing errata added and corrected minor formatting errors and links.

10/5/2011 - Fixed broken links and made minor style changes. Lists for Bestiary and Bestiary 2 were updated to match Index format. All Spell Indexes for all books were updated to match Index format. Also added links in Spell Lists to each of the lists by class.

9/13/2011 - Addition of Ultimate Combat Open Game Content and Bestiary third printing errata. Layout images and styles were updated. Stat block styles were added to a number of sections (including feats and Bestiary entries). iPhone/iPad support specific layouts and features added.

7/5/2011 - Cleanup of broken and extraneous links

6/28/2011 - Formatting tweaks.

6/27/2011 - Addition of Bestiary 2 and Ultimate Magic Open Game Content. Some link cleanup and missed errata.

4/20/2011 - Correction of broken links.

3/30/2011 - Formatting cleanup for Golems and Dragons. Correction of minor typos. Removal of some extraneous links in wondrous item names. Navigation links for Advanced Spells and Magic Items corrected.

1/25/2011 - Advanced Player's Guide second printing errata. Minor formatting and link cleanup. Consolidate lesser geas and geas/quest.


12/17/2010 - Formatting cleanup. Links repaired for Advanced Feats. Removal of extraneous tags.

12/13/2010 - Open Game Content from Advanced Player's Guide and GameMastery Guide. Miscellaneous other updates.

10/5/2010 - Core Rulebook fourth printing errata. Remove rogue link to Penetrating Strike feat in Bebelith entry.

7/22/2010 - Adjusted Half-Celestial SLA table. Added link for Pinpoint Targeting. Corrected headers for Eagles and Giant Eagles. Addressed links for Spash Weapons.

6/30/2010 - Fixed labels on the Scry table.

6/24/2010 - Profession links that incorrectly linked to Perform corrected. Cure light wounds links in monster stat blocks corrected. Extraneous lines in Long Jump table removed.

6/2/2010 - Correction of broken 0-Level spell lines for celestials. Kobold senses line corrected.

5/28/2010 - Minor spell formatting tweaks. Fix of some broken links. Core Rulebook third printing errata. Removed redundant and incorrectly formatted version of Table: Natural Attacks by Size. Search option in header.


12/18/2009 - Links improved. Table references corrected. Removal of errant spell and magic item links in flavor text.

10/22/2009 - Linked summon lists to appropriate monster entires. Minor formatting fixes. Rounding up of mispaced text. Redirection of innacurate links. Corrected table references. Paralysis link added to Ghoul entry.